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Default Input on X3 Pro
by howardgibbs on 2012-03-28 20:28:44.6390

Hi, I just bought a used x3 pro and i've got a nagging problem that i'm sure must be an easy fix!

The unit has been reset so all the factory sounds are back but the input for each sound is not set to guitar 1 so as i'm trying to browse through and check out all the stuff my new toy can do, I have to change the input every single time I change patches. Which is a little aggravating, surely there must be a way around this? How on earth would you demo it in a shop?

Any ideas?

Thanks, and sorry if this is old news...

Re: Default Input on X3 Pro
by Line6Tony on 2012-06-06 11:32:44.2030

Unfortunately, it's a per-patch setting. The Gearbox editor program may make it a little easier to do that.

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