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Using Reaper with Tonerport UX 2 and getting no sound
by AcariGuy on 2012-03-29 00:22:27.7370

Hey there.Im pretty new to the forums here and I was wondering if anyone could help me at all
Ive just bought myself a Toneport UX2,and Im using it through Reaper.Ive set it up in such a way that Im using VST's to gain a djenty sound for my guitar,I cant aquire through the Gearbox or PODFarm 2.51 software(Ive only the basic PODFarm 2.51 with a very few cab,head,amp models,pedals etc.I dont have Metal Shop or anything else as my budget wont currently allow it)
So as I say,im running it through some VSTs on Reaper,and I cant get any sound out of my speakers,unless I record and then playback.This is making,aquiring the sound im looking for incredibly tedious as I have to keep going back and forth between tweaking,recording,and playing back to achieve my desired tone.
Can someone please help me by telling me if its at all possible to get the sound to come through my speakers,or should I just give up untill ive enough money to procure the Metal Shop add on



Re: Using Reaper with Tonerport UX 2 and getting no sound
by Triryche on 2012-03-29 05:46:44.0330

You need your speakers or headphones connect directly to your UX (it becomes your sound card).

I ussually set up 2 stereo tracks, sends 1&2 and send 3&4.

This will capture both wet and dry from your UX2.

Then you can add your VST to the dry track after the fact.

Here's a vid just to be sure you are connect properly.">">

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