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Toneport UX8 & Wifi
by shayneunderwood on 2012-03-29 12:41:16.1150


I have a UX8 that I use as our main recording interface but also use it in a live environment with a rackmount server. I use the rackmount server for all the extra processing power that you don't find on a laptop but don't want to lug around a monitor, keyboard and mouse so I control it with a laptop through VNC. The problem that I face is that I have to use a CAT5 ethernet cable to link the server and laptop so I am limited as to where the laptop can be. I thought that it would be an easy fix by using wifi but trying a wireless card in the server and or a wireless usb dongle I get the same results where the UX8 glitches. I'm aware and have been for quite some time that this is a documented issue but here is my main question. Is there ever going to be a driver, firmware or software fix to resolve this issue?

Re: Toneport UX8 & Wifi
by shayneunderwood on 2012-04-04 17:19:20.9630

Anyone? It seems to take forever to get a question answered!

Re: Toneport UX8 & Wifi
by Line6Tony on 2012-05-15 15:56:02.8990

Unfortunately, we cannot comment on future development plans. You may want to leave product feedback at

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