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I need help with my Marshall mg100dfx and pod hd500
by samuelito2011 on 2012-03-29 12:48:05.4760

hello guys i have a couple of things that im dealing with it, my setup is not right i dont know what im doing wrong, firstable i do my tones in my headphone using hd edit right! so my tones sound amazing through it but when i connect it to my marshal in the return fx sounds terrible like some has too much bright and other to much bass. im using full amp with cabinets and Direct /line in the output. What is the correct setting? should i use Preamps only with cabinet off and change the output? i dont know why line 6 did FULL AMPS & PREAMPS. can anybody tell me why? Please if someone could guide me in the right way, i tried the Pa in my church but still my tones are terrible nothing compare with what i do here in my room! i hope answer soon thanks

Re: I need help with my Marshall mg100dfx and pod hd500
by PaulBateman on 2012-03-29 13:33:54.4240

ahhh! the blue hurts!

i have no experience running thru an amp but im pretty sure you shouldnt be set to direct... any of the other options would like be a better bet in that case

also... trying to match a patch from headphones to being played thru an amp is never going to happen...

headphones are used a reference to what you would hear recorded... playing through an amp is a whole different animal that requires different settings

im sure someone will come along and better answer you (they always do) but something is better then nothing...

as for guides... there is a great one that i cant seem to remember.... i'll update this once i do

here it is....">">

its a great read that goes into great detail about virtually everything

Re: I need help with my Marshall mg100dfx and pod hd500
by samuelito2011 on 2012-03-30 23:37:41.8700

hey thanks for the advise, but i read the same manual before!

Today i went to church and i got good results with my amp combined with the pod hd500, this is what i did

I connect the pod hd500 to the return of my amp

I turn off the Cabinet and mic simulators

I also change the output to Combo power Amp

I got good result about High gain, I love it how it sounds but still sounds to thin, it might be of the kind of amp i have, but i still new to try the preamps models

I just tried the Full amp so Wish me luck man!!!!

Re: I need help with my Marshall mg100dfx and pod hd500
by jimsreynolds on 2012-03-31 09:30:34.8010

Definitely try the pre-amp modes.  They should be a better match for the power amp in your Marshall.  Most of the amps sound better that way to my ears - particularly the high gain.  Try them both with and without speakers. 

Be aware though that there are a couple of amps (Fender Twin, JCM800, AC-30) where it can sound better to use the full amp as this gives you access to the DEP parameters (Master, bias etc). DEP Parameters are only available with the full amps and can be used to get better 'classic' tones.

Re: I need help with my Marshall mg100dfx and pod hd500
by samuelito2011 on 2012-04-01 12:46:18.0210

i was thinking the same thing Bro! I discover that i cannot get a good clean tone with the preamps i dont know why? however i notice when im using a full amp i can get it but still is too bright to my ears. Im guessing a new something else but i dont know what.

THis is what i tried today

I use the full amp of Dr. Z with cabinet off and output to combo, and the sounds is excellent but i also try the Divide 9-15 full amp with combo amp and sounds terrible, so for this amp i changed it direct/line and the sounds whats better....

So i dont understand but what should i leave for the output Line/direct or Combo power amp!!?????

If anybody could recommend me an power monitor that sounds really i'll appreciated it too


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