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I need a classic tone for my LD400
by Breakingfatebass on 2012-03-31 12:47:03.5610

I play all kinds of music on my bass but I need a good setting for the old stuff. I would love something that sounds like this: as I'm a huge fan of Geddy Lee.

Re: I need a classic tone for my LD400
by Baker69 on 2012-07-07 12:49:52.7860

If you have the Shortboard to access all of the 36 built-in Presets try Presets 5A & 5B (sorry I can't remember the names of them), but to my ears these will give you the best sounds for Ric basses. (I use Preset 5A mainly for my 4001).

I presume you DO have a Ric 4001/4003 otherwise there is no way you are going to emulate Geddy's sound!

As has been stated on many Forums, a lot of the "sound" produced by the likes of Geddy Lee and Chris Squire is not all down to what instruments they play, their sound is also down to their individual playing styles/technique. In addition, in order to get that classic 'Ric' sound you need to have an extremely low string action as a lot of the classic Ric "growl" is from the strings hitting against the fretboard.

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