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DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by Paultm on 2012-04-01 15:38:22.3680

Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the cab sim out.

In low volume mode on standby I still get an output via the cab sim out.

Q1 - This is not a documented feature that I have found, I use the L6 link and it seems to be a better tone than the headphone out. What is this output? HD or Dt25 relative to my patches

Q2 - When this is connected to a mixer I get a volume  variation on patches in low volume that is not the same in normal volume mode

I hope I have found a better way to rehearse using headphones than the other output options?

Cheers Paul

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by jrose92081 on 2012-04-01 19:00:12.3800

This is exactly what I have been wondering. When you use the amp in standby for the direct out do you have your cab plugged in to the head? I am sure if it wasn't and you turned it from stand by to on it would hurt the head. Hopefully I can just use my dt50 the same exact way for rehearsal tomorrow..

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by Paultm on 2012-04-02 00:48:24.4320

I have a Combo so not sure how the head & cab works in this way.

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by Line6david on 2012-05-25 10:37:08.4840


From the Pilots Guide:

Cabinet Simulated Direct Out – Provides a transformer-tapped

direct output with cabinet simulation for studio recording or live

performance without mic’ing your amplifier. The ground lift switch can

be used to eliminate hum or buzz.

The output is tapped from the transformer. If you are in low power mode you will hear a volume drop.

The difference in sound you are hearing is the headphones emulated cab models vs the transformer tap on the Cab simulated out.



Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by rcdiver57 on 2013-01-22 18:11:15.1380

The problem I have ismth output signal from the direct out is very very low. I connected it to a QSC K12 powered speaker  with 100 watts and I have,to crank it all the way to get anything . Any suggestions .

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by spaceatl on 2013-01-22 18:21:39.2270

The XLR out is mic level...change the input on your K12 to MIC mode...that should get thing up closer to the level they should be...

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by rcdiver57 on 2013-01-26 10:04:22.6950

thanks... I understand... One other question. Is there anyway to have a strong signal to the house and low volume on stage ??

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by spaceatl on 2013-01-26 11:00:05.0980

After you set the master volume on your HD500 and the House is checked, don't touch it...Use the K12 level control to set your personal stage volume...

Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by jfrantz on 2013-03-18 11:51:06.0370

Hi, I had the same question as jrose.

Can the head be connected directly to the pa via the xlr out without plugging it into a cabinet as well?  Or for that matter can the combo be used for the same purpose, with the speaker disconnected.

So chain would be guitar>pod hd>dt25 head only or combo/speak disconnected>DI xlr out.

If so, would the sound benefit from the tubes in the dt25 significantly?


Re: DT 25 & HD500 Cab Sim Direct Out
by adamhartley on 2013-04-11 03:28:03.3090

yeah mate, you can use the DT's head xlr out to PA without needing to connect cab in LVM, because the amp is using modelling rather than it's valves for power amping. Leave the Standby switch off. I'm not sure what the purpose would be of using the head at all like this?  Might as well just send Pod signal straight to the pa mixer. I've had my DT25 and pod HD500 for about 300 pub / club gigs now, and found using the head not much advantage until it's cranked a bit and the valves start to work harder.

One important thing I found though, was by muting path B in the mixer, effectively reducing send volume, I was able to turn the head up a bit more into the 'sweet zone'.  Anything below about 12 oclock on the amp head doesn't sound that great to me. Typical of all valve amps really. I've done plenty of live work with just pod to powered monitor ( jbl prx ) and been very satisfied. As far as I'm concerned, if I'm gonna carry a head and cab to gigs, it's gonna have to sound noticably better over the direct option, and never does in venues with crap sound level restrictions.

Just my thoughts, I'm def no authority, but have done a lot of live work with hd500 and dt25, and probably even more home tweaking!

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