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Powering an M9 with a Voodoo Labs PP2+
by joelster on 2012-04-02 11:05:04.9350

Can an M9 be powered using a high current DC tap on a PP2+ the same way the other stompbox modelers (MM4, etc.) can?

Seems to power up fine but I'm told that it should not work in the long run.


Re: Powering an M9 with a Voodoo Labs PP2+
by ricksox on 2012-04-06 13:07:51.2400

Wouldn't recommend it. The M9 needs AC power not DC. Those L6 outlets (5 and 6) can be used for the 4 button stompbox modelers like the DL4 but not for the M9. The M9 needs AC and draws more current (2000mA recommeneded).

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