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[Help!] HD500 power jack problems!
by haro2440 on 2012-04-03 10:04:17.2240

Hey there,

I was gigging at a show and a bar patron stepped on my POD cable destroying the cable.  I bit the bullet and ordered a new one.

This one from the Line 6 store to be exact.

It arrived today and I tried to plug it in before I left to work to make sure it worked...and my heart sank when it seemed like it didn't fit.  Did I buy the wrong power cable?  The power jack looks fine, but maybe the same guy stepped on the power jack when I wasn't looking, but I could have sworn he didn't.  Can anybody help me out?

Re: [Help!] HD500 power jack problems!
by silverhead on 2012-04-03 11:09:18.9360

That is the correct PSU and cable/plug. I would try to carefully work it into the HD500 power jack. If it can't be made to fit then probably your jack was damaged at the same time. This would require a hardware repair.">">

Re: [Help!] HD500 power jack problems!
by haro2440 on 2012-04-03 11:48:43.2370

It's fairly new, so I think it should still be covered under warranty....

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