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Recording Spider Valve Mk II with Studio GX through XLR?
by TheDarkness90 on 2012-04-04 07:17:08.5890

Hi everyone,

so as the title says, i am trying to do a little home recording, and for that, i first tried to record my SV II through an XLR-to-Jack-cable on my soundcard (Creative X-Fi Audio, for the record), but i had horrible latencies, so i am not able to get ,multiple recordings in-sync.

Next thing i tried was plugging the XLR-Jack-cable into my Studio GX, as someone seems to got it working without latencies on a UX-1 ( But when i am trying to do the same with my UX, it seems as that no signal is processed

or whatsoever.

My setup though seems to be correct, when a connect my guitar directly to the GX i get a signal.

Can somebody please helb me geht this working, if that is possible somehow, it would be great


Re: Recording Spider Valve Mk II with Studio GX through XLR?
by darealagentp on 2012-04-06 17:04:40.3440

There's one thing I'm confused on that would prevent me from giving an accurate answer. It's the device(s) <--- ??? that you were testing on.

You mention that you have a Studio GX. However, then you mention a UX (which one? A UX1, UX2?). There's a different between the GX and the UX's in that input sources are increased with the UX1. A GX will default to the only input (the 1/4" instrument jack). With the UX1, there's a chance that the active input is set the XLR jack instead of the 1/4". This is done via the POD Farm software Input Selection. Double-check that to see if the 1/4" is set as the active input... I wonder if that is why no signal is process with the UX?

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