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POD HD LCD Problem
by kupull on 2012-04-04 09:57:46.3930

Resently after puchase I connected POD HD to my Computer for Updat via USB bundle cable.

Through The Monkey I updated Firmware 1.00 to 2.01

The problem has ocurred after update, turned off and turned it on again.

My POD HD's LCD Letters' were all broken.

I assume LCD is not physically broken.

It seems to be a problem of software.

Other punctions are normal, All knobs and switchs are OK.

Through HD EDIT, it works nicely.

only HD's Display shows broken letters on the screen.

I did reset to hold left button on Navi-bar while Power up.

I did rollback to 1.00 and update again.

But it doesn't work.

Is there anything to recovery things I can?

or should I contact local service center?

Re: POD HD LCD Problem
by Line6david on 2012-05-18 11:28:22.7960


Try this:

Hold the DOWN arrow on the D-Pad  while powering up the HD. The LCD should read update flash. Then connect it to your computer and reflash the device. This should get the HD Pro up and running.

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