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Riffworks V/1 Problems
by quickfingers on 2012-04-04 11:50:33.0700

Hello everyone, I need some help with activating/connecting Riffworks version 1.

I bought the Guitarport Rifftracker years ago (in 2007 I believe) and used it fine without hassle on my old PC, anyway after my PC crashed I never bothered installing it on my new laptop until recently. I still had the guitarport, installation CD and all the assorted cables but I don't have the box or manual anymore. So the guitarport and riffworks both seemed to install fine, the sound was working fine. However on riffworks it says I need to activate in order to save/mix, when I click on activate a message reads: Riffworks must be activated to enable record, save and mix. Please be sure Network Enabled is checked in Guitarport preferences and the computer is connected to the internet. Then click activate to connect to the server. I have done this a thousand times yet it keeps coming up with the same message, my internet connection is working fine and so is the rest of the guitarport but it just won't change.

Also occasionally a box pops up when I click activate asking my for my lincense key, I can't for life of my remember it or find it so is anyway to get a new one because I don't excatly have $129 to spend on a brand new riffworks.

This is driving me insane so any help would be much appreicated.

Re: Riffworks V/1 Problems
by darealagentp on 2012-05-25 08:55:37.0390

The Riffworks Version 1 software has not been supported for many years now. Sonoma Wireworks' current Standard 2.5 software is what is current and supported for 2012 computer systems.

Actually, please check this link:">">

You should see a discounted upgrade offer only available to those who have a Riffworks 1 device (as you do) registered in the account. It should be substantially less than $129.00.

Or else, consider their T4 Riffworks software. At this point Riffworks 1 isn't going to be guaranteed/supported to install and run correctly on the latest OS's (Windows 7/Mac OSX 10.7.x), sorry.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.