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JM4 Looper with POD X3 Live
by Bergair on 2012-04-04 13:18:05.7540

I'm using a Line 6 Spider II HD with cab 4x12 "old" Amp, with the old FBV Footcontroller.

Now i've got a JM4.

Can i connect  FBV  AMP and JM4 somehow?

i got a POD X3 Live just for testing. Is it a good renewal instead of the old FBV?

insights with the POD X3 Live:

The best way to use is i think with the FX send and return stereo from POD / Stereo Line out from JM4.

What about the 2nd Pedal Jack from the POD? Doesn't work with JM4 :-(

What is the best setting on my AMP Channel to get clear sound, because i wanna use just the effects from POD or JM4.

Clean Green or Clean Red and what for setting with Drive bass middle treble?

Thanx for help

Re: JM4 Looper with POD X3 Live
by darealagentp on 2012-05-22 12:43:17.5750

Spider II HD settings: Clean Green. Drive maybe around 9:00, Bass-Mid-Treb at 12:00, Channel Vol at max.

Guitar into POD X3 Live into JM4 into Spider II HD. The Spider II HD you won't need to switch channels... just leave it set as a "clean" amp tone. The X3 Live does all the tone/effects changes and the JM4 allows you to make loops of what you're playing through the X3 Live from your guitar.

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