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M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt, help!
by rikhaven on 2012-04-06 06:24:07.8250

Hi there guys! I bought a Line 6 M13, and i'm very glad with all the options that she has. Now i've a doubt about controling the M13 with a MIDI footcontroller, an ENGL Z-12. My problem is that when i press the banks. What happens is this:

ENGL bank 01 - M13 scene 1C (folder 1)
ENGL bank 02 - M13 scene 1B (folder 1)
ENGL bank 03 - M13 scene 1A (folder 1)
ENGL bank 04 - M13 scene 2C (folder 1)

ENGL bank 05 - M13 scene 2B (folder 1)

ENGL bank 06 - M13 scene 2A (folder 1)

ENGL bank 07 - M13 scene 3C (folder 1)

ENGL bank 08 - M13 scene 3B (folder 1)

ENGL bank 09 - M13 scene 3A (folder 1)

ENGL bank 10 - M13 scene 4C (folder 1)

ENGL bank 11 - M13 scene 4B (folder 1)

ENGL bank 12 - M13 scene 4A (folder 1)

ENGL bank 13 - M13 scene 1C (folder 2)
ENGL bank 14 - M13 scene 1B (folder 2)
ENGL bank 15 - M13 scene 1A (folder 2)
ENGL bank 16 - M13 scene 2C (folder 2)

ENGL bank 17 - M13 scene 2B (folder 2)

ENGL bank 18 - M13 scene 2A (folder 2)


ENGL bank 48 - M13 scene 4A (folder 4)

So, the scenes are only choosen by a logic sequence, but i don't want that. What i want is for example:

ENGL bank 01/11/21/31 - M13 scene 1C (folder 1)
ENGL bank 02/12/22/32 - M13 scene 2C (folder 3)
ENGL bank 08/18 - M13 scene 3A (folder 2)

Can someone help me how to do this? I think that i need to change M13 intructions, becaus she gives a scene to a apecific bank, and i want to choose the banks.

Best regards, Henrique.

Re: M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt!
by phil_m on 2012-04-06 06:42:16.7670

The MIDI map of the M13 isn't programmable, so the scenes the come up when certain PC messages are sent to it can't be changed. I looked at the manual for that controller, and it doesn't look like it's programmable either. So it seems that you're stuck with what you've got. You could look into getting something like this, I suppose. I think it can be programmed in such a way that when it receives a certain MIDI message, it sends another one out.

Re: M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt!
by rikhaven on 2012-04-06 06:49:10.7760

But can other MIDI controller do that?

Re: M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt!
by phil_m on 2012-04-06 06:57:21.5670

If you get a programmable MIDI controller, you can assign whatever PC messages you want to each of its presets. So, yes, other MIDI controllers can do that.

Re: M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt!
by ricksox on 2012-04-06 13:00:00.0800

Agreed with Phil. You'll need a MIDI controller that you can program or assign MIDI PG's, BC's and CC's to the way you want. The Voodoo Labs Ground Control is programmable.


Re: M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt, help!
by rikhaven on 2012-04-16 03:10:12.5760

Thank you for your answers guys. Now, i have another doubts, maybe you can help me. I know that the M13 PCs aren't programmable, so i need a midi footcontroller to choose what i want. Do you know some midi footcontroller that allows you to write a different PC to each button? I had experiment a behringer FCB1010, and you can call 5 PCs per bank, but i would like to call 1 to each button, a total of 10. Other doubt i have is that i use a mesa dual rectifier and i convert the signal to midi with G LAB MAC 4.4 i don't know how to connect all stuff. Because i want to buy a midi footcontroller that allows me to call 1 PC from mesa and 1 PC from M13.

MESA: Clean (PC1); Distortion (PC2); Crunch (PC3); Distortion + Solo (PC14)
M13; scene 1C - folder 1 (PC1); scene 2B - folder 2 (PC17); scene 3A - folder 4 (PC48)

An example: i want to call,on a midi footcontroller, to postion 1 at bank 1, the PC1 of mesa + PC17 of M13.

What kind of product allows me to do that?

Re: M13 MIDI footcontroller doubt, help!
by darealagentp on 2012-05-23 17:12:31.6350

I believe this controller will:

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