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Weird HD500 Tuner Behavior using JTV-59 with VDI
by GeeTah on 2012-04-06 09:25:04.6080

Does anyone know if the tuner in the HD500 hears ONLY input source 1 (even though the HD500 WILL correctly route the input signal from either input 1 OR 2 all the way to the outputs)?

Here's what is happening: Generally speaking we do not use a VDI on the HD500, but did so in a studio session last night. We were using a JTV-59. Our guitarist activated the tuner and showed me that it wasn't responding (no cursor).

We had the input settings as follows:

Input Source 1: Guitar

Input Source 2: Variax

We unplugged the VDI and plugged the JTV-59 into the Guitar 1 via 1/4" cable and the tuner worked properly.

BOTH of the inputs produced the correct output out of the XLR Outs. In other words, the HD500 sounded the same whether on the VDI or the 1/4 Guitar Input, but the tuner worked only on the 1/4 inch.

Then we reversed the above (in the HD500 input settings) and had opposite - tuner while using the VDI, but not the 1/4 inch. Seems bizarre that the HD500 can properly route the signal all the way from the input to the outputs, regardless of which input you use, but the tuner only appears to work on whichever is selected as input 1.

BTW, we tested this later last night on another HD500 and it did the same thing. To us that rules out a mechanical problem.

??? Are we missing something here - seems like a bug in the software and BTW we are running V 2.02 on the HD500's, Version 2.00 HD500 Edit, and the new 1.8 Firmware on the JTV-59.

Really do appreciate any insight here. Thanks everyone.

Bradley GT

Re: Weird HD500 Tuner Behavior using JTV-59 with VDI
by phil_m on 2012-04-06 09:36:24.0540

I'm pretty sure I recall it being confirmed that the tuner only works for input 1, regardless of what source is assigned to that input. I could be mistaken, though. But your experience seems to confirm it.

Re: Weird HD500 Tuner Behavior using JTV-59 with VDI
by GeeTah on 2012-04-06 10:02:34.6990


Thanks - that does appear to be the case. Still, it seems curious that both chains would process the signal from beginning to end - except for the tuner...

Here's the challenge for us - I think we are going to start using VDI cables more going forward and we also use non-Variax guitars in the same sets, but plugged into the same HD500's.

Seems like to juggle guitars, we will also have to juggle input settings on the HD500 - when we change from a Variax (in the VDI) to a Non-Variax (in the 1/4 inch input).

Anyone else have any ideas here?


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