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Echo Pro with Midi Mate controller
by elitourbina on 2012-04-07 19:50:34.4650

Got an echo pro hooked up to a Rocktron midi mate controller, but the patch numbers are not in sync.

Is ther any way this can be offset so they are in sync?

Re: Echo Pro with Midi Mate controller
by darealagentp on 2012-05-10 15:29:54.6940

Check out pages 5-3 to 5-5 in the Echo Pro Manual

MIDI Mapping

MIDI Mapping is the ability to assign (or map) a received MIDI Program

Change message to a specific program in your Echo Pro, regardless of what the

internal program number happens to be. This means that you can easily set

things up so that programs 12, 48, and 127 on your synth all call up program 33

on your Echo Pro. In fact, you’re not restricted to mapping program change

messages to program numbers. You can also map a program change to call up a specific

Effect Model or even run the Loop Sampler controls on the Echo Pro!

So how do we do this? Well, let’s look at how we would go about mapping MIDI

Program Change message 26 to the Echo Pro’s program 14.

MIDI Control: MIDI Mapping

1. Press and hold the MIDI/Sys button for two seconds to enter MIDI Map mode

(you’ll know you’re there when the display flashes MIDI… Map).

2. Use the Time knob to select MIDI Program Change 26. (You can also send MIDI

Program Change 26 from your master unit to set this.)

3. Use the Program Select knob to choose Program 14 on your Echo Pro.

4. Press “Save” to save the changes.

5. To test, select various Programs on your MIDI Controller. The program numbers

on the Echo Pro should mirror the program number on your controller until you

select Program 26. At this point, the Echo Pro should change to Program 14.

Okay, pretty simple, no? Now, if you wanted other program change messages to point at

the same Echo Pro Program, you would simply perform steps 1-4 above, then, instead

of hitting MIDI/Sys to go back to Program Select mode, you would just twirl the Time

knob to the other Program Change numbers you wanted to map to program 14 (or send

those program change messages directly from your MIDI Master Controller), pressing

“Save” after selecting each one, until you were done, then you’d proceed to step 5. You

can even have all 127 Program Change messages select the same program on the Echo

Pro, but that would be more than a little silly. Not that there’s anything wrong with


With the Echo Pro’s Custom Save feature, you’ve actually got an extra 16 user

definable programs available on your Echo Pro, cleverly concealed beneath the Model

Select knob. Thanks to MIDI Mapping, and a little forethought from those clever

engineers at Line 6, you can assign MIDI Program Changes to those and treat them just

like other programs. (See, we told you we weren’t gonna let those extra 29 Program

Change Messages go to waste.)

In order to map these, here’s what you do:

Press and hold the MIDI/Sys button for 2 seconds to enter MIDI Map Mode.

1. Turn the Program Select knob to 99, but don’t stop there, keep on turning. You’ll

notice that the Program Display now reads “FX” and the LEDs around the Model

Select knob start to light up in order as you spin the knob. Enjoy the light show for

a moment or two, then decide which model you want to map a program change to.

(Let’s assume you choose Analog w/Mod.)

2. Use the Time knob to select the MIDI Program Change number of your choice.

(Once again, you can also send a MIDI Program Change from your master unit to

set this.)

3. Press “Save” to save the changes.

4. Press “MIDI/Sys” to return to Program Select mode and test the same way we tested


If you keep turning the Program Select knob while in MIDI Map mode, you’ll notice

that the Program Display will change from “FX” to “LP”, and the buttons for the Looper

controls will light up, in order, one by one. Guess what? This means that you can also

map MIDI Program Changes to control those functions (Record/Overdub, Play/Stop,

Play Once, Reverse, and Half Speed).

Note: If MIDI Mapping is turned off in the MIDI/SYS menu, (See MIDI/SYS

functions) it will automatically turn back on when you edit the MIDI map.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.