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HD500: Issues with Delay and Midi clock
by residue on 2012-04-10 00:59:13.2930


I am having a HUGE problem here and I need an answer till next week, since I will perform with my band live:

My application:

I want to run a DAW in the background generating a click track and background samples etc. Also I want our POD HD500s to 1) change patches and other midi stuff automatically (succeeded) and 2) the tap tempo to sync with the midiclock generated by the DAW for synced delays.

My problem:

In the past I have created a patch with delays synced to the tap tempo at 160BPM (tap tempo was set to preset, since only this patch was running at 160 BPM).

My DAW (in this case Reaper) was running at 160 BPM (and yes I set the tap tempo to global at this point) => Delays sounded good. Since I had several of the same patches with different BPMs, I thought I could just use one patch and sync it with the midi clock generated by my DAW. It works fine at 160BPM. As soon as I change the midi clock in my DAW to 130BPM (or 140BPM) I hear some kind of wiggly delays (pitch modulated). I checked the tap tempo in the HD500 and saw that the Tap tempo was not constant (It modulates sinusoidal in the range 130+- 0.5 BPM). It was constant at 160BPM.

At first I thought it was a problem with my DAW or Midi interface (focusrite saffire USB 6). But same problem is the other way arround: I created a patch at 130BPM and tried to sync it to 160BPM => It modulates sinusoidal in the range 160+- 0.5 BPM, while it is constant when the midi clock has 130BPM.

My workaround:

The workaround at the moment is creating patches at all used tempos and select the different patches.

Maybe I am missing something, but what can I do to fix this problem?

Thanks in advance


Re: HD500: Issues with Delay and Midi clock
by Line6Hugo on 2012-06-13 10:32:22.7550

Sorry for the delay John.

The MIDI Sync option with the POD HD500 can waver a bit as you describe at +/- 0.5 BPM which is currently how the device works.  The modulated sound you are hearing is the sound of the delay time being changed as there is audible delay repeats still being played by the delay effect.  This is a similar effect to using the delay and manually moving the delay time knob.  The resulting sound is a modulated sound to shift the repeat to play back in the newly desired tempo.

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