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more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by missioncrowney on 2012-04-11 05:08:30.5120

Hi i'm trying to solve something here, basically i have just brought now a UX2 sound interface, previously I have owned an edirol UA25 sound card which gave me the option of connecting my hi fi stereo by aux rca phono male left and right into the back of my edirol soundcard (see picture attached) i understand this can be connected to the UX2 by purchasing a couple of  RCA phono to 1/4" 6.35mm jack socket adators ( pic attached also) issue now i've just noticed is that i won't be able to connect my studio monitors up to the UX2 because the analog outs left and right on the the back of the UX2 will be used by my hi fi stereo. Basically in hindsight i want to connect up 4 speakers to my ux2 interface (my hi fi speakers through rca to jack left and right male with the 2 adaptors) and my 2 studio monitors left and right which are already analog 1/4" jack connectors.

bit of a task here any help would be truly appreciated!

thank you



Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by hulbert on 2012-04-11 07:55:48.3910

Hi Johnboi,

     I'll give some thoughts I have but just wondered if you are:

1. wanting to use the Hi-Fi and monitors at the same time,


2. only needing to keep them both connected for when you want to try hi-fi when you want and monitors when you want - separately- not together.

If separate, then you could get a switch to flick between the two options - something like this one halfway down page ( I don't know the quality etc. - uses stereo input not two individual monos, so may not be as good - but just showing as an example):

If monitors/Hi-Fi together, then you could get a mixer with two line level outputs, or an audio splitter which could take an input and split/amplify it to give both signals correct level.

Here is one which is 'passive' i.e. it won't amplify the signal back up, so you will lose volume ( possibly frequencies too - not sure)

Another option, but you have probably thought of it if your hi-fi is this type: some Hi-Fis might have ins and out themselves, so you might have a Hi-Fi which can take a line input but also has a line out to pass a signal to another piece of equipment, in which case it could go to the line in of your studio monitors. Possibly the monitors might have this too - I don't know. I use hi-fi and speakers myself.

Not sure of a mixer with two line level outputs. I am not knowledgable enough about mixers. They are there though. Maybe someone else knows the right thing?

Hope this helps a bit,

God Bless,


Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by missioncrowney on 2012-04-11 12:46:25.0400

Thanks David for your response,

I'm looking to play sound through both my studio monitors and Hi-Fi speakers at the same time. My Hi-Fi stereo is quite basic and old on the stereos back pannel it only has the option (video aux) which from here my Hi-Fi connects via RCA phono male lead splitting from right to left going straight into my edirol sound card at the back. Directly above the RCA phonos I then insert my studio monitor jacks L & R in my edirol UA-25 soundcard and i'm able to hear both from my Hi-Fi and monitors and if I wish turn off the Hi-Fi and just listen to my music directly from my monitors I can which is great for mixing!phono rca and jacks.jpg

The reason why I have upgraded from the Edirol UA-25 now is because i love the spdif option on the line6 UX2 which i have an external FOCUSRITE VRM box i would like to connect to it that way. But I would also love to be able to connect up my studio monitors and Hi-Fi to the UX2 together!

thanks for your input David option 2 sounds close but i'm wondering if there is anything else out there that someone might know that is maybe cheaper a quick fix and that won't affect the volume etc as you say that device is passive!

Option 3 even though it's certain my Hi-Fi has no ins and out apart from the (video RCA aux)I want to use my Hi Fi speakers for mixing reference as well as my studio monitors so I can get two different scopes of sound from both.

Any more ideas would be blessing for me here kind regards all!



Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by missioncrowney on 2012-04-11 14:02:12.6780

Been browsing online, would this work if i brought 2 of these JACK mono splitters to be inserted in both analog outs L & R on the UX2??? if I insert the left monitor and left Hi-Fi speaker in one splitter which will go into the left analog out from the UX2 and the other splitter connecting the right monitor and right Hi-Fi speaker going directly into right analog out from the UX2 ... (Just was browsing not sure here what do you think!)

heres a bad paint shop drawing of what i'm trying to set up! excuse the poor drawing!!!diagram.jpg

Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by hulbert on 2012-04-12 02:56:31.2880

Hi again Johnboi,

   My stereo I use only has the left and right aux ins too.

Concerning the plugs. I've got some of these and often used to use them, especially for connecting two sets of headphones or some other things. It will probably be fine. The only problem is that when you divide signals, you also change the characteristics of the signal.

I stopped using splitting cables/adaptors as often, although having a look at some info about it, after reading your post, I find that maybe I was being too cautious when talking about splitting "line level" signals, and that using these splitters should be fine. I am no expert in understanding 'Ohm's Law', but I am talking about impedance, voltage and current. Skip this next bit if you want.

Say we were talking not about line ins/outs but an amp to speakers.

If the amp was going to be connected to one speaker (which had an 'impedance' of 8 Ohms), then the amp should not have an output above 8 ohms.

If you "split" the amp's signal to instead go to 'two' speakers (each 8 ohm speakers), and if you wired them up in whats called parallel (which is what a line splitter cable/plug is doing), then as a combined speaker cabinet (i.e. just these two speakers together), it is called 4 Ohm. This means that it is now not going to be safe to plug the amp into it. The amp might suffer damage.

Where I was maybe misguided was with line level.

Most hi-fis (but not all), and other equipment with line (aux) ins, have much higher impedances than the device you plug "into" them. Some people say sources' impedances (i.e. ux2, cd player etc.) should be 7-10 times less than the impedance of the thing you are plugging into (i.e. the hi-fi or monitors) for things to work at their best. Now, if we use the speaker picture, then pretend that your hi-fi and monitors are the two separate speakers that you are now joining together. The overall impedance (monitors and Hi-Fi combined) is going to halve. With speakers and amps this can be a big problem, as the impedances are so close to one another, but when line ins on hi-fis/monitors are in the KOhm (thousands of ohms) area (and devices' line outs are usually much lower) instead of Ohms like speakers, then halving it should still be ok (safe at least).

Sound quality may be affected in terms of volume (I think -6db) and frequency loss, but this might not be too bad (when mixing, you might choose to unplug the hi-fi and adjust the mix just with the monitors - thereby guaranteeing no loss of frequencies when listening to see if there is too much or too little bass etc., and then re-connect the hi-fi to see how it sounds on it later).

I am sorry for the big explanation but it was just to expalain why I originally wouldn't have chosen the splitter - but now think it should be fine.

Also, if my explanation is incorrect, I hope someone with more understanding will correct it, as I wouldn't like to give out unsafe information.

Here is an article explaining impedance concerning home studios:

God Bless,


Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by missioncrowney on 2012-04-12 06:11:25.8840

Thanks David, for your thorough response,I'll have a go and see how this sounds it makes sense what your saying about (impedance ohms) and if it's too much ohms for one unit it could overpower my circuit. However considering you say it should be ok for video aux and individual studio monitors i'm going to have a go, if the sound deteriorates then it might be back to the drawing board for another solution i'll keep this discussion open with the results just ordering some jack splitters now! until then...

I appreciate all your kind help here. Have a great day

God bless


Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by missioncrowney on 2012-04-24 03:22:54.2560

Yes this works for everyone reading this and interested.

kind rgds


Re: more connecting help set of 4 speakers to my ux2 interface
by hulbert on 2012-04-24 03:46:47.4220

Thats great!

God Bless,


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