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Noob here saying hello - Spider 2 150watt
by howarddavidp on 2012-04-12 16:59:40.9310


I just got back from the pawn shop, with a Spider 2 (150w) and 4 x 12 cabinet for $200.  I have a few small 10-15 watt practice amps since I got back into it, but for a $200 1/2 stack, I could not say NO.

So far, I love it.  The cleans are VERY clean, and the distortion is OK, I need to play with it to get it to work.  For a modeling amp, it sounds WAY better than my GDEC.  I hated the lack of a true "clean" sound from my GDEC1, I tried all possible settings to no avail.  It got cleaner, but never clean and sweet, like the setting on this amp.

As for condition, I can say some rich kids Christmas present went to the local pawn shop.  The thing is spotless, not a scratch on it!  It still smells new, perfect Tolex and cables.  The only thing I am missing is the footpedal.

Here is my 1st noob question:  Can I use the FBV type pedal, or do I have to use the simple up/down type?  Is the cable from the amp to the pedal a standard 8P8C CAT5/6 type for ethernet?

Question #1 - If I can use the FBV type, can the pedal be used for Wah and volume?

I am also looking around the site for a downloadable PDF manual?  I might find it before someone responds, but if not, I would appreciate a URL?

SO, other than wonderful clean sounds, what else is there in store for me with this amp?  This is my 1st ever Line 6 product, I have the Fender GDEC's, and a Fender 100 keyboard amp for my VDRUMS.  In the past, I had a Roland JC120, and Yamaha 212 from the 80's, and my best'est was a Peavey 5150 when they first came out.  Unfortunately, I sold all of those.  But, this new amp looks like it will be fine.  Even if I don't like the onboard stuff, I can set it to clean and buy pedals if the sound I would like is not easily obtainable.

Question #2 - Is this the right place to ask about settings?  I would like to try and get the modeling as close as I can to the Van Halen "Brown" sound with the built in effects, if that is even doable?

Question #3 - If I want to go to a full stack, what are my options?  Should I buy a matching bottom, or do I need to get another brand for that?  What connections do I need?

Question #4 - Tuning; I figured out how this works, but what about drop tuning, like a 1/2 step down to D#, is there a way to change that, or just tune the top to, then do the top E string 6th Fret trick (tune the top 2 strings, then tune the E down using the 6th fret instead of the 5th, then tune the rest down that way).

Well, that's by 1st post here, so:

Hello World!


Re: Noob here saying hello - Spider 2 150watt
by howarddavidp on 2012-04-12 18:52:01.2600


Question #1 - I found the answer, the MKII works, all the FBV pedals will work, and give me USB and PC software access to control my amp.

Questions #2 - Still looking, so I have not found the exact place yet to share Spyder 2 settings with others?  I bet this will be better once I have the MKII and the software installed.

Question #3 - Still not found an answer to this either...yet?

Question #4 - Same, I don't think there is a way to do this after reading the manual.

Re: Noob here saying hello - Spider 2 150watt
by howarddavidp on 2012-04-17 08:10:11.8310

Update #2:

Not the warmest welcome, I guess there is little love for the Spider2/3 folks

Question #1 - Answered! - The FBV and FBV MKII will work with Spider 2 amps.  I bought one and it works fine.  SpiderEdit, however, only works with the IV series, so no software to make presets   You do gain 32 additional presets though, and the volume/wah and additional tuning options for drop tuning, and a few other features.  I love mine, so I think it is worth it.  However:  I am not sure the MKII is worth the extra money over a MKI, the USB port does not get you that much with MKII and a Spider2 head.  If you ever upgrade to a IV or newer head, then the MKII will be worth it.  If you plan to use your Spider2 forever, don't bother paying extra for a MKII shortboard.

Questions #2 - Still looking, I have found many settings, but I don't think there is software that will support the Spider2.  I have installed the others apps, and the only way to make use of the settings is to write them down, then manually make the adjustment and save the presets by hand.  Better than nothing.  Might even buy a POD then set the amp on clean and then I can swap settings with others?

Question #3 - Answered!   - Full stack is only possible by buying other cabinets, the one that comes with the Spider2 is 16 Ohms and has no way to be used at 8 Ohms.  Buy cabs that support MONO 8 Ohms foir a full stack.

Question #4 - Answered! - .If you use a LCD display, like the one on the FBV Shortboards, it will show the drop tuning.  Without a pedal that has a LCD display, you will have to tune to E standard, then drop from there.

Re: Noob here saying hello - Spider 2 150watt
by kornyman5 on 2012-04-29 08:20:10.6860

There used to be a community on this website for sharing settings. I can't find it, but its been a long time.

If you're looking for a shortboard, I've got a listing on craigslist. I have the Spider 2 150 hd and loved it. But a couple years ago, it started to spit out all kinds of crackling sounds along with changing volume spuratically. And the worst part about Line 6 is that they WILL NOT send you parts. You have to take ANY and ALL Line 6 merchandise to an authorized dealer. For this reason, I will NEVER buy another Line 6 product. Its ridiculous to expect someone to spend nearly as much money to fix an item as they did when they bought it new.

Anyway, if your interested heres the link for my FBV Shortboard Ad.

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