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Variax 300 distortion on A string - loss of gain sometimes help needed !
by musurgio on 2012-04-13 16:54:14.3740

Hi to all here !

I got me a second hand variax 300 and while it was working ok for some days then the volume seemed to shut off suddenly sometimes .. once a half an hour or less maybe , now I think is even worse and the second string A gets this nusty digital dostortion sound along with its sound. Only this specific string. I tried eveything I guess ... I opnened the bridge to clean as much as I could. I don'rt know if it is a cold joint on pcb but I did not lay my hands on it.

Maybe if I had a schematics in case something goes wrong that might help.

Regarding the shut off though is a different thing. When I unplug and immediately plug in again the cord, then everything is back to normal ! Just a quick out and in solves it for some good minutes of playing ( from guitar's side).

The string problem was not occuring always and I had some ggod hours and in the beginning days of trouble free playing (except for the shut off ) but now the string problem seems permanent. When I raise the string beyong normal A tuning then it somehow solves the distortion thing so I guess it has to do with tension thing too.

Any help would be greatly appreciated !!

With special regards,




Re: Variax 300 distortion on A string - loss of gain sometimes help needed !
by amx05462 on 2012-04-14 01:39:10.9070

with more  spring  tension    you get more  pressure  on the pickup..  this  makes a better  ground as those pickups  ground through the  chromed  case to the saddle  then to the bridge  plate.

the problem with this  is    corrosion  and  or   the  oil from your  skin  gets  in there  and   breaks  ground...

so...  id  suggest  you buy some  contact  cleaner...  loosen  your  string    then  spray  all round the  pickup.  do ths a few  times   in between   blow off the  residual cleanre  with   compressed  air.

this  should at the  least solve the  problem  temporarily.

my 300 had the same  problem.......  i replaced  the factory  pickups  with graphtech ghost  pickups ..  problem  solved...

Re: Variax 300 distortion on A string - loss of gain sometimes help needed !
by Line6Hugo on 2012-05-17 17:40:25.3660

If the probelm persists, it would need to be taken to an authorized service center:">">



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