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HD500 Won't Switch On
by lancasterk on 2012-04-14 09:01:46.5700


I have an HD500 (running latest firmware) that has suddenly stopped working. Having powered the unit off and on after an error in H500 Edit, it is now stuck in a continuous loop where the "LINE 6" logo appears on the LCD for about 8 seconds, blank screen, then logo again for 8 seconds, blank screen etc.

I have checked the forums and couldnt find any similar issue. I would do a factory reset but because it won't boot i can't connect to the computer.


Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by fledisma on 2012-04-14 09:53:45.9040

This happened to me a couple of times while I was using HD500 Edit and DAW Software at the same time where HD was looping during a boot up.  I resolved this by doing a global reset, see below.  This will erase all your customized/modified presets!  Hope this help!

On the POD HD500, you can reset the global setup options which includes resetting the Setlist names and pedal calibration by:

1. Disconnect the USB cable connection between HD500 and host computer.

2. Power off the POD HD500.

3. Power on the POD HD500 while holding the LEFT ARROW (<) button while plugging in the power supply to the POD.

***NOTE: Please also make sure to re-calibrate the onboard expression pedal of the HD500 after performing the Global Settings reset.

If the Onboard expression pedal of the POD HD500 does not sweep through parameter values as it normally would, you may need to perform a pedal calibration to reset the functionality of the expression pedal:

Re-calibrate the onboard expression pedal.

Hold the down the RIGHT ARROW button on the 4 Way Nav Pad while powering the unit on, until you see the “Test Mode” screen (Pedal Cal, etc.), and then proceed with the steps below:

  1. If not already selected, use  on the 4 Way Nav Pad to select “Pedal Cal,” as shown above.
  2. Press the VIEW button.
  3. Set the pedal to the minimum “heel” position, then press the A footswitch to set a value for the Duty Cycle. You’ll see the value set to “100.”
  4. Set the pedal to the maximum “toe” position, then press the B footswitch to set a value for the Duty Cycle. Again, you’ll see the value set to “100,” as in step 3.
  5. Press the C footswitch to prepare for automatic selection of the Scaled Pedal Value and move the pedal from min. to max. You should see the Scaled Pedal Values read “0” at the heel position and “255” and the toe position. If you get values other than 0 and 255, power off and repeat these steps, starting at step 1.
  6. Press the D footswitch to save the settings. You’ll be returned to the Test Mode screen and the Pedal Cal item will show a “P” to indicated that the pedal calibration is complete! Power your device off and back on again to start using it.

Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by jtatwood on 2012-04-27 07:40:09.9950

Any luck? I've just had the same problem this morning.  Logo comes on for a few seconds, fades and reappears. Thats it. Haven't tried a global reset. Would rather not if there is another work around.


Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by lancasterk on 2012-05-07 11:18:15.4640


Thanks for your reply. I was expecting a mail notification that i'd had a reply but no such thing, hence the delayed response.

I searched the manuals and forums and contacted the reseller who in turn contacted Line6 but none of these advised a global reset option. Infact quite the opposite - posts were advising the only way to do so was to flash the firmware which of course i couldn't do.

It is now back with Line6 via the reseller (returned at a cost of £30!) and so i wasnt able to try your suggestion, though i see from a related post since mine that it did solve the same problem for another user.



Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by JamOnGuitar on 2012-05-11 18:56:43.8250

People of Line 6,  what's the deal with this issue?  My HD500 has the latest firmware and was working perfectly last time I used it (2 days ago, Wednesday night). Its now Friday night and I'm ready to make some music and I turn my unit on and it won't boot up and just keeps flashing the "Line 6" logo.  Is this acceptable to you as a company, as musicians, to turn your equipment on and it fails for no good reason? The solution is a global reset of the unit that wipes out all the patches?  Seriously?  What if I was at a big gig or important recording session and didn't have my computer to hook up to to restore my patches? I would be screwed.  Please put your brilliant engineers on this problem so they can fix it properly.  Thank you.

Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by guitarmech111 on 2012-07-14 16:40:58.6200

I just ran into this and I am not able to reset the HD500. The LCD goes black, white, I see the Line6 logo and it cycles like that and sometimes the logo won't even come on. Fine time too. I am supposed to play worship in the morning for the first time at my church.  Been fine for months and recent days with practice. I have a dream rig and this really throws a wrench in the gears for me.

I am about ready to give up the dream rig and go with something more conventional. This really irritates me to no end!

Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by spaceatl on 2012-07-14 17:22:35.7410

Reset global variables does not wipe out patches, just resets the global settings...

The only way to initialize the patches in an HD500, bean and Pro is to re-flash the firmware and select the option to restore factory presets...HD300/400 are the only HDs that have a factory reset feature...

Re: HD500 Won't Switch On
by pmccoy on 2013-02-09 15:56:36.7750

Just relieved from my panic attack! HD500 restored thanks to the clear instructions and a recent computer back up. Thanks

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