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EVH "Brown" sound, my settings
by howarddavidp on 2012-04-14 12:40:07.7000


I have a Spider2 and 4x12 cabinet, and once I got through with looking at others serttings, and threw out what I used on other amps, I think I found my idea of the famous sound (with good humbucker):

Amp Model:

Green Insane


3 o'clock


2 o'clock


4 o'clock


1 o'clock

Channel Volume:

MAX, 5 o'clock




8:30 o'clock


10 o'clock

I have the STOMP/PRE-AMP turned on as well as the NOISEGATE.

For a single coil guitar, I would increase the drive, turn bass up to 3 o'clock, maybe 4 depending on your pickup.  IF it is a little too strong for you, back down the Channel Volume a click or 2.

Good luck with those, I didn't like the CRUNCH model, either red or green, never got it to feel right for the EVH sound.

My biggest issues was I first tried to use settings that worked on other amps.  Once I got fed up with the settings not sounding like they did before, I  started from scratch and found what I wanted.  I have learned that for Line 6, don't apply what might be the right settings on other amps, play with the settings from scratch until you find the sound you want.


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