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Spider 4 x 12 cabinet wiring?
by howarddavidp on 2012-04-14 15:16:29.6230


I 1st weant to explain my knowledge of 1/4 in jacks, the difference between STEREO and MONO, what a TRS cable is, etc...  I have a VDRUM set, so I learned the different with respect to the plugs, whereas a MONO has 1 ring and the tip, and a TRS has 2 rings and the tip.  SO, that helped me understand my Spider 2 amp outputs, I think.

Here is my understanding:

My Head (the 150watt SP2) has 2 physical output female jacks, wired in STEREO, requiring 8 outs to be input in each channel.

SO, if I used a splitted, would it be safe to say I would need to have 4 x 8 Ohm MONO speakers?

Is that how my cabinet is wired?  Not in series, or parallel, just 4 x 8 Ohm speakers wired up in STEREO to 2 jacks?

So, if I used a STEREO to MONO splitter, I could use a Marshall 8 Ohm mono cabinet?  I saw a cabinet that had 4 x 8 Ohm wired in series+parallel, would this work to add another cabinet?



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