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Recording (not monitoring) latency error
by hefal on 2012-04-19 09:46:38.5560


i was trying to find an answer but its hard regarding similarity in the subject to monitoring latency.

I'm having problems with latency in recorded files. I mean - recorded audio is late. How late - it depends

on buffer (and this should affect ONLY monitoring of audio, right?). This makes recording virtually impossible.

When i record metronome - it's late when I play it back. AFAIK it's called drivers latency report error or something.

I know my friend has the same exact problem.

I'm considering myself an expert in setting up DAWs - i had similar situation just once and that was due

badly written drivers.


UX2 (new) on HP laptop nx7400 core2duo, 1GB RAM, fast HDD (internal). This laptop was working with

tons of audio interfaces for 3 years now and i have never expirienced a problem on it.


Windows 7 Ultimate with all the updates, Ableton Live, Reaper.

Any help appreciated.

Re: Recording (not monitoring) latency error
by TheRealZap on 2012-04-19 10:38:05.0430

no idea for sure... but get slimdrivers (free)

this can update forgotten usb/chipset etc drivers...

i've seen this help a number of users...

the way your computer handles data can affect leatency as well...

Re: Recording (not monitoring) latency error
by hulbert on 2012-04-19 18:13:52.6970


   This might be  the same thing as you called drivers latency report error, but I know (well, I am pretty sure this is what happens ) (and you probably know this and it is what you are already saying -so apologies) that daws record  'out of sync' i.e. the input being recorded has a time delay  and the daw records it with the delay but quickly calculates what the delay is (or it is a set amount) and then adjusts the timing of it so that it matches up with the existing tracks.

I know this might not be convenient, but it would be interesting to try another daw with the ux2 and see what happens.

This page talks a bit about it (but no guide to how to adjust) under 'What effect does latency have on recording?':

Here is another page which shows how to adjust things in Reaper ( I don't use Reaper but I know a lot of people here do):

This seems to have a place where you can manually type in a time in miliseconds, to bring the audio track back to, to sync with other tracks. I don't know if other daws have this manual adjustment, but your's might.

My daw has a thing for midi but I can't find anything to adjust the audio latency correction. I hope you find a solution and get your sound in sync.

God Bless,


Re: Recording (not monitoring) latency error
by Triryche on 2012-04-19 19:39:40.8070

+1 to Zap on the drivers.

Just for clarification, you are selecting the UX2 ASIO as your recording device in your DAW?

You do meet specs, but IMHO 1G seems a bit light to run Win 7 on a laptop to for recording.

If you update all the drivers per Zap's suggestion and still have the problem, I would try this:

Do not launch POD Farm.

Make sure all you programs are closed, do a ctrl-alt-Del to see and end any non essential processes,  turn off your wireless connection.

Use the Line6 Audio-MIDI control panel to select the input(s)  for your UX2 and set the buffer to the lowest or 2nd lowest setting.

Start a new project in Reaper that has nothing extra running in it (plug-ins, add-ons, ect...)

Start a  new track set to record with the UX2 ASIO as your device.

You will only be recording the dry signal, (no POD Farm) but if the latency improves it may be an indication you are light on RAM and/or you laptop is bogged down with junk running in the background.

Are you familiar with msconfig? Sometimes laptops have a ton of stuff running at start-up that aren't even necessary.

Also take a look at this USB Trouble shooting doc, it also has links to optimize your computer for recording.">">

Re: Recording (not monitoring) latency error
by hefal on 2012-04-20 04:06:16.7070

Hey, thanks for response ya'all!

Well - it's working ok now. I'm not sure if it's the case but i saw that everytime i connect UX2 to a new USB port

- "new device" dialog pops up and than windows is trying to download newest drivers from Windows Update. Well i

turned it off and it used the drivers i installed with PodFarm 2,5. I dont wanna go back to confirm that this is the thing

that helped - but no problems with it now


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