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HD500 Tube Compressor Noise using Mic
by edstar1960 on 2012-04-20 03:27:09.6360

I just upgraded my HD500 to firmware 2.0.

Just for grins I decided I would try the MIC input and see what the new vintage pre-amp model sounded like.  This is the first time I have tried using a MIC with my HD500 so I don't know what the patches were like prior to v2.0.

Anyway, I decided to try out the VOCAL patches supplied and surprisingly found many were very noisy immediately with just an open MIC.  I then switched off each effect in turn to see where the noise was coming from and in every case it was the TUBE COMPRESSOR effect.

In so instances the TUBE COMPRESSOR was included twice on the patch and in those instances it seemed to be the first instance of the effect that was causing the noise.

Seems very odd to me and pretty much makes those patches unusable without a serious noise gate being added to remove the unwanted noise. 

Is this normal?  Or is my TUBE COMPRESSOR effect faulty?

Thanks in advance.

Best Regards


Re: HD500 Tube Compressor Noise using Mic
by jimsreynolds on 2012-04-20 05:40:29.7570

Never tried it myself but in general: compressors do tend to bring the background noise level up quite a bit.  If your input (guitar or whatever) is hummy, hissy or otherwise noisy then that will usually be more audible.

Have you tried the other compressors?  Do you get the same thing?  It may just be that the natural EQ within the Tube Compressor is boosted at the frequencies where your mic is making noise.

Play with the Mic trim and compressor settings also.  Try another Mic if you have access to one.

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