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Adding Sustainiac to Variax 700?
by tapslore on 2012-04-24 03:40:41.7070

Sustainiac install.jpg

How difficult is it to add a Sustainiac system to a Variax 700?

Above is the wiring diagram for a Sustainiac system in a 1-pickup guitar - which a Variax 700 is, in essence. I'm no technician, but apart from the major routing for the neck Sustainiac driver and the extra switches (doable by any competent luthier), doesn't the install seem straightforward? Just splice the white wire from the 8-pin to the "hot" wire in the Variax trs output, then some due diligence in grounding. The Sustainiac's battery can even be housed in the Variax batt compartment.

Granted, em noise can be an issue for both the Variax and Sustainiac, but if components can be adequately shielded and kept away from each other in the Variax electronics cavity, shouldn't this be a slam dunk?

Feel free to talk me out of this, folks.



Re: Adding Sustainiac to Variax 700?
by tapslore on 2012-04-26 20:30:03.2770

I emailed Alan Hoover of Mainiac Music on this (very helpful), and his experience was the Variax output had phasing issues that caused weak Sustainiac response. For  the Sustainiac to work correctly, it needs to be fed a signal from a magnetic bridge pickup. The cool thing (at least, for me) is the Sustainiac and bridge pickup don't need to be connected to the Variax electronics or the output jack in any way; they're just there to vibrate the strings, so that any vax model can sustain infinitely at the flick of a switch.

Of course, if you have an expensive bridge pup and you actually want to access its tones, this too can be done, but the install becomes more complicated. In my opinion, if you're going that route, you might as well get a JTV.

Anyway, hope that helped some people who've been planning a Sustainiac install.

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