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How adjust POD to different venues?
by naruto177 on 2012-04-27 08:56:21.0610

I have my laguna guitar to my POD HD 500 amp with 1/4 outputs to my fender princeton amp in guitar plugin (not any fx loops on back). I play at my house in a small room with great acoustics and sounds very nice.  When I go play at church they want my volume louder on my amp and this causes a very mushy unclear sound. Its not pleasant and not clear notes like I hear at my house.I think its because the room is bigger and also my amp is louder than I have it at my house.

If I were gigging in many different venues, What are the things I have to adjust on my POD and amp differently?

I see amazing bands touring around the world. What do they do differently to their sounds and settings that they do to make it sounds its best in different places?

Re: How adjust POD to different venues?
by bclarke675 on 2012-04-27 09:15:47.0020

Try micing the amp into the PA, instead of turning up your amp.  To keep the tone the same as at home, the settings on your amp have to stay the same.  The other alternative would be to run your POD directly to the PA at the church, but this still won't have the same tone as you hear at home.

Re: How adjust POD to different venues?
by naruto177 on 2012-04-27 09:26:05.8430

Well sometimes we practice a lot in rooms where they want my amp volume higher and its without a pa. Its just for practice. But when i am on stage, they wont have me through pa system but they mic up my amp. They turn my volume really loud on the amp though and mic. So i still get that ugly mushy sound. Its a very big church and have good sound people but when i hear myself, it doesnt sound good and doubt they would take my opinion on it. But I want to see what can I do myself to fix the mshy sound when my amp is loud mic/unmic

Re: How adjust POD to different venues?
by daveschutt on 2012-04-27 14:20:56.2380

Hello Naruto-  This is not an easy question to answer and one reason that there's people who get paid relatively big bucks to tour with these bands and get the sound right each night in a different venue.  First, is there a reason they won't take a direct out from your POD to the PA (Front Of House or FOH)?  Most times the sound guys love this option.  It gives them more control in the mix and cuts stage volume.  Here are some tips that are easy to do.

1. Record your performances.  Granted this has limitations via the recording media you're using but it's something of a measurement.

2. Create two sets of the patches you use 1 Practice-Loud Amp  2 Service- Medium Loud

3. Few tips to shape your sound:

     a. Use very little reverb

     b. cut your lows and highs at bedroom volume the tones should sound a little dull and hollow-not bright or bassy  These frequencies will come back naturally as the volume increases.

     c. Remember when you're playing with a band don't step on the frequencies of the other intsruments give everyone their space.  This will make the band sound good and the guitar to jump out.

     d. If you're using a patch that has dotted 1/8 type delay have the mix around 60% percent.  It may sound like it's obnoxious in your bedroom but when the rest of the band is playing you'l actually hear a few of the repeats the rest will be drown out by the overall the sound of the band.

Re: How adjust POD to different venues?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-04-29 13:22:44.7270

Likin' Dave's thinkin'

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