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Which cable method should I use?
by mirflee on 2012-04-28 10:49:24.6520

I don't have the luxury of lugging or bringing my amp along to shows and practices so the amps I use are usually rented and most of the time I'll be using the Marshall JCM800. I prefer to use the modelled amps (Threadplate) from the POD HD 500 to get that hi-gain tone that I'm after, so that would involve me having to bypass the pre-amp of the JCM. Here's how I have it wired up.

Guitar -> POD HD500 -> JCM 800's Return

I'm using the 'Full Stack' output mode. My question would be, would there be a significant difference if I use the 4 Cable Method/FX Loop block in terms on tone? Also, I've read MeAmBobbo's fantastic tone guide and he mentions that if I'm going through a real guitar amp, it's much more sensible to have the cab simulation turned off. I usually tweak my tones from my KRK monitors and having it on 'Studio Direct'. Will the difference between having the simulated cab on or off be massive?

That's pretty much it for now.

Thanks in advance!

Re: Which cable method should I use?
by jimsreynolds on 2012-04-28 12:03:09.9090

Two points:

1)  if you are only using Modelled guitar amp tones then there is absolutely no reason to use the 4 Cable method.  This only helps when you are using the real JCM Preamp ... which you have chosen to avoid.  The method you are using now is the correct one.

2)  Patches that you build for Studio/Direct will generally sound very different when you use a Power amp, whatever you do with the output settings.  You cannot bank on them sounding good.  My advice would be to try and build some Power Amp patches using an actual amp. 

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