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JTV and Bass Variax with one Pod
by bwlane on 2012-04-28 21:55:17.1170

Is there a pod pedal that can be used with the James Tylor and a bass variax? Can patches be downloaded for both? Can the model on the bass variax be controlled by the pedal? Can the model and tuning on the JTV be controlled by the pedal?

I have a bass pod xt live. Can this power and control a JTV?

Thanks for any info.


Re: JTV and Bass Variax with one Pod
by Kupsik on 2012-04-30 01:36:49.5630

There is no POD that has two VDI inputs for JTV or Variax bass if it's what you want. But I assume you're going to use only one at the time. For that you can use POD X3 live or POD HD500 - both works with JTVs and Variax bass and both have bass amp(s) simulations.

I don't know if bass pod xt live is compatible with JTV. In my opinion you will be able to power your JTV, but with control I'm not so sure.

Re: JTV and Bass Variax with one Pod
by bwlane on 2012-05-02 21:53:26.3240

Thanks for the info. I only want to use one at a time.  When I buy a JTV, I will see if the bass pod xt live can control it.

Re: JTV and Bass Variax with one Pod
by bwlane on 2012-05-11 20:51:38.3560

If anybody is interested...I got a new James Tyler Variax (love it) and found that the bass pod xt live does power and control the jtv guitar model, but not the alternate tuning.

Re: JTV and Bass Variax with one Pod
by MerlinFL on 2012-05-12 12:28:39.6590

Interesting info - if I understand you correctly, the Bass POD XT Live and it does save and recall JTV patch info with each preset? It also seems not to control Alternate tunings?

Hi Bruce - Here's what I'm curious about with any gear older than the new POD HD series products combined via VDI with the JTV guitars...

  1. It should not save or recall JTV guitar patches except the tone knob position.
  2. It should power the guitar as well as produce any sound from mags or models via the VDI connection.  All VDI equipped gear does this although not as well as the original Variax guitars did with the older gear.
  3. Alternate tuning?  Do you mean control the Alternate tuning knob on the JTV guitar?  If yes, then you've not understood that nothing controls that knob except your hand by turning it.
  4. If the the alternate tuning statement you meant...controlling any alternate tuning built and stored into the JTV guitar using Workbench software.  That would be correct as nothing except the new POD HD gear can control all guitar models as well as all alternately tuned guitar patches created and saved by Workbench in your JTV guitar.
  5. Depending on what version of JTV software you are running. 1.70., 1.71, or the latest 1.81 you will not have any control over the alternate tunings of the guitars in the Acoustic Bank as this latest upgrade with these new acoustic guitars have a a few problems that are being worked on by Line 6.  For whatever reason, the acoustic guitars that can be modified or alternately tuned in Workbench, do not work within the guitar as the previous version do.
  6. If you want full control over the JTV guitar, the you'd have to get one of the POD HD products to do this and much more depending on what version software you are running in these POD HD products.

And for an example if what I've written so far is unclear...I have a Vetta amp.  It can control everything on my original Variax guitars that I have created in Workbench and saved into the guitar.  I can assign any guitar on the original Variax to be associated saved and recalled with each patch on the Vetta.  None of this happens with the new JTV guitars because of their software design and function.  However, the power is supplied thru the VDI as well and any model, or alternate tuning knob I physically change will be heard through the amp, but none of these features are controllable from the amp with the JTV guitars.

If you are getting different results than these i've laided out, please post again and explain exactly what the POD XT Live is controlling for you with your JTV guitar.  Also please include what JTV software version you are using.



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