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Multiple footswitches per effect on POD HD500
by lindsayward on 2012-04-30 05:33:04.9340

Hello. I just submitted this product request. Is anyone else interested in this functionality?

I would like it to be possible for multiple footswitches to control on/off for the same effect. Currently, it is only possible to have one FS per effect, but this is limiting.

Here's a common scenario for me:

I want to have an EQ boost so I set the Studio EQ effect ot FS4. I want to use the same effect during a solo where I also add a delay, so I set the delay effect to FS3 and I want to also have FS3 turn the EQ on, but if I set that up, I lose FS4 controlling the EQ.

If they make it so that the effects can be controlled by multiple switches I can use them more simply with one press instead of having to press two footswitches to get my desired tones.

(In the above example, pressing FS3 would turn on both the EQ and delay, then pressing FS4 would turn off the EQ, it's just a toggle, so I can't see any real problem with implementing this.)

What do you think?


Re: Multiple footswitches per effect on POD HD500
by jimsreynolds on 2012-04-30 06:44:36.4820

Yep, I have been wanting this for ages.  Submitted my feature request a while back.   Anyone who feels the same way as Lindsay and I can join us in our outcry at the link here">">

Re: Multiple footswitches per effect on POD HD500
by tcio on 2012-10-20 15:09:31.1760

Just out of curiousity, I can't seem to wrap my head around exactly what you are trying to accomplish. If you want the EQ boost yet you want the EQ boost with the Delay wouldn't you have it either way? I mean if the EQ is being used as a boost that would make sense to use it for a lead solo and once you are done with the solo you hit FS3 to turn both the Delay and the EQ off. If you wanted the Boost to stay on after the lead solo which I can't understand I would think you would just prpogram another pedal to toggle only the Delay which to my understanding would only turn the Delay off so you would still have your EQ boost on. If you wanted to do a different solo without the Delay and just the EQ boost on I would think that would be entirely for a different song and you would just change presets between songs. Please explain further if you can. I am a total tweaker when it comes to programming FX and love trying to figure these kinds of things out. I have an HD500 on the way. Should be here in a couple of days

Re: Multiple footswitches per effect on POD HD500
by lindsayward on 2012-10-21 15:09:27.3330

Hi tcio and welcome to the forums and POD ownership (soon).

The HD500 is limited to each effect being controlled by one footswitch only. Each footswith can control multiple effects.

I want to be able to use the same effect in multiple FS situations. E.g. say I want:

Verse = straight (no effects on)

Chorus 1 = EQ (FS4)

Verse = straight

Chorus 2 = EQ + Delay (FS3 please)

Currently I have to either use two FX slots for the same EQ effect (one controlled by FS4 and one by FS3) OR I have to use two FS for the second option - press FS3 (Delay) AND FS4 (EQ).

If we could have what I have requested, then I can have more flexibility and fewer footswitch presses.

I hope that makes sense.

Re: Multiple footswitches per effect on POD HD500
by jimsreynolds on 2012-10-22 02:43:13.9460

Yeah Lindsay has basically summed it up.  I

To give you another variation the the theme.

Part 1:  Clean amp with chorus on.

Part 2:  Fuzz On and Wah On for a lead break

Part 3:  Fuzz On and wah Off for a rowdier section of the tune.

So switching from Part 1--> Part two is easy.  You toggle the chorus off, fuzz on and wah on from the one pedal.  However, switching from Part 2 --> Part 3 is not possible because you cannot turn the wah off independently of the other two effects.

Yes, you could run the Wah on its own footswitch but that means you are dealing with two footswitches moving from part 1 to 2,  You could also break out a second patch but that is inefficient and comes with other issues (e.g. lack of delay spillover).

The major competitor to Line 6 at this price point does have independent assigns that allow you to configure this and its one of those things you don't know is useful until you use it !

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