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Pod hd500 power switch
by samuelito2011 on 2012-04-30 16:37:03.3300

Hello guys

I have a question and maybe can help me

Since i got my pod hd500 i notice is doesnt have a power switch right! so i bought a power strip but it takes too much space and has too unnessary outlets... i bought thinking i could use it as a power switch but instead is making my pedalboard case shorter!

So my question is Does anybody has any idea how to add a power switch, make the power cord longer and NOT Noticiable? I'll will prefer a black color cord

I did a research here but i dont see any other solution besides from power strip! ANY MORE IDEAS???

thank you GUYS

Re: Pod hd500 power switch
by samuelito2011 on 2012-04-30 18:21:51.0120

Guys i think i got the solution to extend the original cord without modifying it or messing it up....

The solution is simple, Just buying a Dc power extension Chord like this

My question now is DOES ANYONE KNOW THE DIMENSION for the DC POWER? Will it work?

Re: Pod hd500 power switch
by PierreVenant on 2012-05-01 00:21:51.3050


were it not for the lose of the garanty when opening the HD300,I would  consider building a powerswitch in my HD300.

It should'nt be complicated and since the AC/DC convertor is located in the adaptor you would be working om a 9 Volt level.

I find it rather annoying having to unplug the adaptor when i'm not using the HD300.

Unless I find a power adaptor with an inbuilt switch I will have to be patient until my garanty runs out and opening the HD300 in order to install a switch.

Question to the constructors of the HD30":  why isn't a switch built in the HD300?".

Otherwise the thing is perfect for my set-up.


Re: Pod hd500 power switch
by samuelito2011 on 2012-05-02 11:34:43.7980

I got 86views but NONE answers

Come On guys Give me a help over here too!!!

Re: Pod hd500 power switch
by spaceatl on 2012-05-02 13:49:42.2010

I run my gear on this...


Anyway, the lack of a switch did not really bother me all that much on my mains switch in on my AVR...I run an HD, DT50 and DT25 on it...If you keep a 2:1 ratio on the AVR you select you minimize the chances of ever having a dropout...Anyhoo, that's my thought on the subject...

If you gig, get an AVR...If you don't, get a power strip and use an external mains switch....A good idea to at the very least use a power conditioner even those only protect you halfway (over voltage, not under voltage)...Brown conditions are more the norm in a venue with beer coolers, PA and lights...low voltage wears the supply and can even cause a reboot if it gets low enough...outdoor gigs with generators are even worse most of the time...

Re: Pod hd500 power switch
by samuelito2011 on 2012-05-02 14:03:34.9930

i already have a power strip but i dont like it, it has too many outlets 7 in total to be exactly... I just need like 2 or 1 is fine but this thing is taking too much space in my pedalboard... im trying to get more space for future pedals.

thanks anyway for you post...

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