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DT25 Cabinet simulated direct output???
by Netfly on 2012-05-03 13:02:29.9660


I'm really new regarding record technics and I would like to use the Cabinet simulated direct output of the DT25 to record my covers.

How the "Cabinet simulated direct output" works? Is it possible to plug the amp directly to my MacBook Pro using one of the USB port? Or I need to plug the amp into an external sound card then plug this one to my computer?

Well, I really don't understand what I need to do...??? Any help will be really apreciated!


Re: DT25 Cabinet simulated direct output???
by fretboard-master on 2012-05-04 01:40:24.1390

The Cab Sim direct out uses a xlr connector but perhaps its possible to use a xlr to usb cable ( sometimes called microphone to computer cable ) some have inbuilt sound cards with no need for drivers on your pc just plug and play, they are really cheap online, so unless you have an external soundcard or a spare line 6 pod that can record via usb and accept a xlr input its probably worth trying one of these cables. I want to do the same thing as you soon but havent tried it yet, I was just going to connect DT25 direct out to pod x3 mic input with a blank patch on the pod and record through that with usb to pc, but I might get one of these cables and try it myself.

Re: DT25 Cabinet simulated direct output???
by Netfly on 2012-06-13 14:09:39.5920

Sorry for the late reply but I was with some problems with my HD500 too... Well, now I have the HD500 conected to the DT25 and working fine. I searched for the cable mic to usb and found it online. I'm going to purchase one soon to test it. I'm using a Mac book computer and Reaper recording software.

Please share your tests here too


Re: DT25 Cabinet simulated direct output???
by greghall on 2012-06-14 01:13:45.7770

I have the same setup: HD500, DT25, Mac Book Pro, Reaper

For recording I think you would have better success going direct from the HD500 into the Mac, and monitoring through a good set of headphones. It gives you more flexibility with the power amp, cabinet, mike modelling etc and there is less digital / analog conversion in the chain.

If you have the DT25 in low power mode for recording, you would be using the digital power amp model in the DT25 anyway.

The direct out is an analog signal, so to connect to a digital USB there would need to be an A/D converter in line for it to work, and the quality of these varies. I would try to avoid to much A/D and D/A conversion as it can result in tone loss.

With the HD500 going direct to the Mac you have just one A/D conversion - the signal from your guitar into the HD500 (or none if you are using a Variax :-))


Re: DT25 Cabinet simulated direct output???
by paligulus on 2012-06-14 08:02:18.7530

I can't speak to the soundcard on the Macbook Pro, but I believe you will have more luck recording via USB from POD HD.  The HD effectively acts as a soundcard when it is connected via USB, this way you will not have latency when recording (guitar playback slower than track playback due to soundcard delay in processing signal). 

If you are to use the Cabinat out I believe you will need a recording device like Line 6's TonePort - which are really good value (I don't have experience with other recording devices).

Best of luck


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