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UX2, Pod Farm 2.5 and Riffworks
by GlobalRoamer on 2012-05-05 14:46:48.4640

I am using a Line6 UX2 on a PC, the second computer I authorized.  I downloaded Pod Farm 2.5 and would like to use the combination in Riffworks T4.  However, none of the Pod Farm amps or tones show up under Effects in Riffworks.  It seems that I am missing the "Plug In" version of Pod Farm that works with Riffworks, because when I run Pod Farm 2.5 as a standalone, all the various tones are there.  Please tell me where to find the Plug In version that works with Riffworks and how to activate it.  Thanks in advance.

Re: UX2, Pod Farm 2.5 and Riffworks
by GlobalRoamer on 2012-05-06 10:10:46.1230

Using Riffworks T4, Pod Studio UX2 and Pod Farm 2.51, to get the Pod Farm 2.5 plug-in working in Riffworks, you go to Effects in Riffworks, click on the Amp down arrow and choose Set Path.  Then navigate to the Program Files\Line6\Pod Farm 2\VST to set that location.  Then when you go to Effects you can select "Pod Farm 2" and Riffworks will bring up the plug-in window.

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