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Tuner Problem After New Update
by Geeman on 2012-05-07 10:28:30.9660

Just wondering if anyone else has had the following issue:


JTV 59 (v1.8) plugged into POD HD 500 (v2.0) via variax digital cable.


Alternate tuning knob on JTV set for "1/2 Down.

Go into tuning mode on HD 500.  Display shows I am 1/2 down but when I come out of tuning mode, the JTV reverts to Standard tuning and I have to rotate my alt tuning knob off of "1/2 Down" and back again to be 1/2 down.

I've re-installed my JTV update but, haven't done the HD 500 yet.  Do you think it is an issue with the 500 or the JTV update?  I've had another issue with the JTV but I'll address that in another discussion.


I forgot to add that when I program a patch in the 500 to force the JTV into an alternate tuning and switch from that patch to another, the JTV again reverts to standard tuning.  Is this normal for everyone?

Thanks for any replies!


Re: Tuner Problem After New Update
by daferalo on 2012-05-07 10:49:17.7620


Please, go to the following thread, the answer #12 from Line6Hugo. The behaviour you are describing is a known issue that is being addressed at the moment.

Best Regards,


Re: Tuner Problem After New Update
by Geeman on 2012-05-07 11:04:57.5010

Thank you sir for your quick and very helpful reply!  I searched but did not see that thread.  Very comforting to know it is being addressed.

Thank you again,


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