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Patch changing problems
by buchanon on 2012-05-08 20:09:11.4230

I just purchased a HD 500 on EBAY. I registered it and updated the firmware. I have a XT Live so I am somewhat familiar with product. I can not change patches A-D without first stepping on bank up or down buttons first. Example, To switch from 14A to 14C I have to hit the bank button before I can switch to C from A. Any ideas?


Re: Patch changing problems
by spaceatl on 2012-05-08 20:49:35.8100

Sounds like it might be in 1-8 mode....There is an option to change the footswitch behavior in the setup menu...basically you can setup the footswitch like the XT you are familiar with...4 FX buttons and 4 patch buttons...or you can have 8 fx buttons and then the bank buttons are how you navigate...I think it's on the first page...If I remember correctly, ABCD is the traditional mode and 1-8 is 8 FX buttons...

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