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Having trouble using My Pod UX2.
by Tonyswig on 2012-05-09 19:16:50.2320

     Would someone please explain how I can fix my problem or diagnose what the problem is for me? I am using a Dell Inspiron 620 computer with 8 gig ram on it, I use Mixcraft 5 as my DAW. I'm having trouble with the sound when I record and when I use the ux2 to listen to youtube videos. Every 10-30 seconds theres a very agrivating scratchy sound or a pop that covers up the music. It ruins my recordings and over all is stupid to deal with. Please tell me what to do to fix this, I'm unsure what the problem Is because I have the latest versions of everything. (according to Line 6 Monkey ) I would like to fix the problem as soon as possible to resume recording my music.

Re: Having trouble using My Pod UX2.
by hulbert on 2012-05-10 02:29:09.0670

Hi Tonyswig,


       Not sure which system you are running, but here is a guide for checking some things:

and some videos here:

I am not sure if these mention usb things, but some problems etc. 'can' be due to: other usb devices being used, or certain usb ports not working as well as other ports, or using a hub to plg into (line6 suggest going straight into the usb port on the computer).

Also, in pod farm, go to preferences - hardware - tone direct settings - and try pulling the sliding thing right across to the right( just for a test), and see if that stops the popping. You will want it as near to the left as possible probably, so hopefully a combination of the tweaks above, and moving the slider to a good position for you, will help. The furthest right, the longer the delay between playing notes and actually hearing them.

Hope this helps,

God bless,


Re: Having trouble using My Pod UX2.
by Tonyswig on 2012-05-17 15:04:36.1750

Hi hulbert,

     To be honest I'm only 15, I don't know what "system im running either or how to check that.. or what part of the guide you wanted me to look at. I plug my USB straight into the back of my computer. Trying things out with the slider thanks. I hope that works because its a very agrivating thing to get in the way of the sound. Sorry i took so long to reply I've been sick and resting. This was a bit to stressfull to deal with when i was sick.

Re: Having trouble using My Pod UX2.
by hulbert on 2012-05-18 02:12:19.2650


    Sorry, I should have said operating system, like windows vista, windows 7 etc. Its not really important. I re-read and saw you are using a dell, so I think it would be a windows operating system.

Yes, I would try the slider first and see how things go. Then, I'd try another usb hole on the back of your computer, to see if it works better. I'd also try taking out any other usb things that are plugged in and see if that helps.

Then I'd try seeing if anything else is running on the computer while you are using the ux2. Try closing some of these things if they don't need to be running and see if that helps at all. Then you could try some of the things in the video links above.

It might not be any of these things. If its still happening, you might need to contact Line 6 support at :

I hope you get it working. These kinds of things can be confusing and hard to find what the cause of the problem is. Maybe someone else can help with this.

God Bless,


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