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Question about Cabinet modeling?
by seandelisle on 2012-05-10 08:17:24.6450

I have a POD XT Live.  I run it through a Mesa Boogie 20/20 power amp for clean power and then into a Fender 4 x 12 Stereo Cabinet.  I currently use the amp modeling and cabinet modeling.  Should I be using the cabinet modeling, since I run it into a cabinet or does it not really matter?  It taken me a while to figure out the best hook up for the POD.  I never really liked running it through the effects return or directly into a combo amp.  I apologize in advance if this is a dumb question.  Thanks! 

Re: Question about Cabinet modeling?
by bluebluetones on 2012-05-10 08:25:24.1310


Interesting question!  I am not familiar with the Mesa Boogie 20/20, but you wrote it was a "power amp"?  Can I assume that it is simply that, and offers no coloration or tone controls?

If so, then select the Output Mode of your XT Live to be "Stack Power Amp".  This mode will allow you to use both amp and cab models.  The important point here is that the cabs are voiced differently depending on your output mode.  In Stack Power Amp and Combo Power Amp the cabinets are voiced to work with your setup.  The cab models are not as heavily colored as Studio Direct.  Your question was Should I Use Cab Models?    I say yes, for sure!

You can enjoy the different tonal options offered by selecting different cab models - and if you are not sure if you like them, simply select "No Cab" and you can listen to the sound of your XT runnning straight into your Fender cab.

Line 6 has done an excellent job of taking the guess-work out of setting up.  All it requires you to do is select the proper Output Mode, and the XT will take care of the rest.

I hope this helps - feel free to write back and myself or other readers can chime in.

Re: Question about Cabinet modeling?
by Triryche on 2012-05-11 06:41:49.6280

+1 to lcurrell.

You could also try the different output settings and just go with what sounds best to you.

And don't forget there are also additional EQ controls for the output depending on what mode your are in.

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