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Vetta III
by conar2000 on 2012-05-12 21:07:38.4100

I know you guys aren't supposed to talk about products in development, and I also know how the Vettas didn't sell to well. But before I go searching all over the internet trying to find a used Vetta II, I got to ask, Is there any chance at all that a Vetta III will be released in the future. Line 6 hasn't made an amp like it in awhile. It was pretty much everything they had ever done in one amp. And before anyone suggests a DT50 and a POD HD, I can't afford it. Bit beyond my budget range. I also kinda like the idea of it just being in one amp.

Re: Vetta III
by MerlinFL on 2012-05-12 22:03:23.1830

I can only tell ya what I know for certain.

  1. If there were a Vetta III, you would not be able to afford it as a new Vetta or Vetta II with the optional FBV longboard to make everything work with the touch of your foot sold for about $2.000.00 new.
  2. The combination of a POD HD500 and a DT 25 combo is - bnot stereo like the Vetta is, plus it would cost the same for mono with a Stereo preamp in the POD HD500.  The combined price of these two items is about $2,000.00 - $500.00 for th HD500 & about $1,500.00 for the DT25 or possibly a DT50, but as I said, the amp is mono, not stereo.
  3. Line 6 has made it abundantly clear that they have no interest in pursuing anything related to the Vetta because it did not sell very well in the retail market.  Reason: No one ever learned how to use the amp, plus no a single store had anyone who knew how to demo the amp.  there are more examples of simple lack of concern by the retailer and Line 6 about getting this product sold by demoing the amp properly.  It was much easier to sell something simpler like a Spider that had only a few feature and would sound good played quiet in a store.

In conclusion - as much as I personally would love to see a Vetta III with a Bogner stereo tube power output section like the Spider Valve, it will never happen.

You can find many used Vetta II amps at Guitar Center USED gear section of their website.  I bought an excellent condition Vetta I for about $300.00 with a FBV longboard.  Terrible price for the seller and for what I believe the amp should be worth used, but great for a buyer.

I hope this helps and best of luck,


Re: Vetta III
by conar2000 on 2012-05-13 11:00:09.4890

Well, It was worth a shot. So I take it that Line 6 won't be making any more advanced modeling amps? Just Spiders? Also I already have an FBV. And I'm not too worried about having foot control of the amp as I am for the most part a studio musician. I do alot of Prog Metal stuff. I use a Spider IV 75 for alot of situations and it is great, but I kinda wanted to upgrade a while back. The Spider Valve MKII was my first idea. It seemed great. But I changed my mind after awhile because I realized it was basically just a Spider IV with a tube pre and power amp and a few new recording options. I looked at the Vetta, however, and it appears to be the big daddy of modeling amps. I'm not worried about how complex it is, as a matter of fact I kind of enjoy the puzzling looks I get from older musicians when they see the Spider IV 75 and call it a brain surgens amplifier. I have my own small studio where I record experimental music. And another reason I liked the Vetta II is because it has a bypass mode, where I can apply the effects without an amp, so I could do intros with chorus and flangers and what not.

In short, the reason I want the Vetta II now is because it is more complex, and has more tonal options. True it may be a buttload of money, but I figured by the time I had bought the head, I would be in to my summer jobs enough to purchase a cabinet. But yeah I just wanted to make sure there was absolutely no possibility of a future model. I didn't want to go out and purchase one then find out a new one came out just a few months later. But thanks for the assistance, and I hope your Vetta serves you well.

Re: Vetta III
by kdguitar61 on 2012-07-15 23:09:47.9270

You never know what Line 6 will do. They might just make a Vetta III to celebrate their 20th aniversary.

It's a conspiracy, man...

Re: Vetta III
by conar2000 on 2012-07-16 22:22:03.9980

Since the Vetta team is gone I assume they are going to stick to "user friendly" products. Whatever sells man, but I'm happy with my Vetta.

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