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M13 connection pathways & functionality issue
by lennmarella on 2012-05-13 01:42:37.3160


I am lead to believe by the manuals that the M13 should allow me to send some of my effects through the effects loop in my amp (ie modulation and delay), and some through the front end input (ie distortion and over drive). So far everyone of my attempts has been a big NEGATIVE. Can some one give an old guy a step by step on how to accomplsh this? The scenario I am looking for is all my dist and OD's are set up in the unit 1 positions, I want them to go to the front end of my amp. All the rest of my effects, units 2,3 and 4, I want to go through the effects loop. This arangement is the easiest for me to manage when I'm playing live because of the positiong of some other special effects that I have to implement as well.

Somebody please tell me it can be done and how.



Re: M13 connection pathways & functionality issue
by phil_m on 2012-05-15 06:24:20.8990

The way to hook up the cables for the four cable method is shown on page 9 of the manual:


So if you want FX1 to be in the pre position and FX2, FX3 & FX4 to be in the post position, you'd have to set the effects loop to be Post FX1 (assuming you have the FX order set to 1>2>3>4. If you have it set to 4>3>2>1, you'd set it to Post 4).

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