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Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by LarryLion on 2012-05-13 12:18:10.9230

I'd like to send acoustic setups to a PA and electrics to a standalone guitar amp, under foot control. Is there a way to do this?  I caanot seem to figure it out, I'm getting both signals to both destinations!. many thanks


Re: Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by litesnsirens on 2012-05-13 14:42:39.3130

Do you mean at the same time?  Here is a patch that was made by the late great Nick Mattocks.  Just change the extension back to .h5e and load it in via edit. 

This is set up to use the mags for electric and acoustic model.  The exp pedal takes you back and forth between the two sounds.  It may not be exactly what you are after

but it should hold some clues so that you can tweak it to your liking.

Generally, if you don't need them at the same time it's just a matter of setting up your electric presets and panning them all hard left in the mixer and any acoustic presets panned hard right (on both sides of the mixer). Then coming out of the left output of HD500 to your guitar amp and out of the right output to the PA.

Re: Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by daferalo on 2012-05-13 15:05:24.9350

Hi Larry,

You need to have totally separated parallel paths in the preset, one for the acoustic and the other for the electric signal. To do so, at the end of your acoustic path you can place a FX loop effect block and send your acoustic sound to the PA through the FX loop send jack of your POD HD 500. It works really nice, I do it almost all the time.

Best Regards,


Re: Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by LarryLion on 2012-05-13 16:28:33.9860

No, I meant a dedicated acoustic patch automatically going to the acoustic amp (PA), and the electric patches automatically going to my guitar amp.  I'll try the L/R panning, but I'd hoped to be able to use the XLR outs separately (for PA), and the 1/4 inch amp outs for the guitar amp in stereo.

Thanks for the suggestion, anyhow

Re: Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by litesnsirens on 2012-05-13 18:26:00.0940

Ya it sounds like he doesn't need both at the same time he is just looking to have electric patches going one way and acoustic patches another.  I tend to use the FX Loop as a clean boost so daferalo's suggestion of the FX loop won't work for me but if you aren't using the FX Loop for anything else I think it will work perfectly for you for this application.  With the exception that you won't be able to use the XLR's to the PA.  But you will be able to run stereo to your guitar amp and if you get the right cable you can also run stereo to the PA out of the FX Loop.  Great suggestion from Daf.

Re: Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by LarryLion on 2012-05-13 18:59:44.4150


Is there any way to assign the XLRs independently to the 1/4 inch outs?

I tried the FX loop idea, works like a charm for my issue.  I set up all the acoustic patches - banjo, dobro, guitars - to the FX loop, plugged that to the PA, and all the electrics to my Fender Twin.  Works fine - in mono.  Have not tried stereo yet, but the TRS idea should fix that

Many thanks folks. Much appreciated. 

Re: Switching Outputs - POD HD500
by litesnsirens on 2012-05-13 19:54:21.1080

At this point there is no assigning the XLR's independently to the 1/4" outputs.   Although it has been a much asked for feature since the HD500 was released and apparently it was a feature on previous PODs.  So there may come a day.  Here's to hoping.

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