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Phase option in Vintage preamp , using POD HD with Microphone
by LiudasB on 2012-05-16 22:22:24.2850

Hey guys,

I've plugged my AKG D5 dynamic microphone into 500 HD, and i'm trying the basic setup( preamp, reverb,delay) for microphone.

Since I want to be using it for connecting 500HD->mixer->PA for shortly comming jam-kind-of-gig, i want to prepare more less, that it would sound at least not worse than it does pluging microphone into the mixer.

Through my decent headphones (AKG K240 studio) i hear a tremendous difference while changing the phase ( 0;180 options) . Now i suppose this difference will be even more audible through PA system.

When i choose the phase ( 0 ) , in comparance to ( 180) i get a sound a bit familiar to wah (less lows;  some of the mids and hi's are up ) . On the other hand ( 180 ) option gives me more low's, and in comparance to (0) the high mids are not that clear. All in all i'd choose 180 option, but i sure love to hear some comments about it.

1) Does this phase option affect the polarity/phase for output speakers ( headphones, PAs) in the sense that the sound moving outwards speakers begins to move inwards speakers ( reversed phase) ?

2) How do i know which of the sound is more "correct"?

3) Is the phase option going to affect the chain of fx in phase kind-of-sense?

Any comments would be appreciated!

Re: Phase option in Vintage preamp , using POD HD with Microphone
by Line6Hugo on 2012-06-13 11:49:33.2470


Sorry for the delay.

Here is the Phase description from the Advanced Manual:

Phase: Choose 0 for normal, or 180 to reverse the phase. (It can sometimes be

necessary to reverse the phase of one mic’ed signal when combined with another, to

correct for a resulting “hollow,” out-of-phase sound.)

1) The phase parameter does NOT affect the output speakers.

2) There is no 'Correct' or 'Right' way to use it.  Just use whichever sounds best to your ears for your performance.

3) This option does not affect the chain of effects.

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