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Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by JonnyExplosion on 2012-05-18 14:36:42.0890

Problem experienced

Major issues:

- Sound cuts out/drops out/fizzles out of existence frequently when playing through UX1 and Pod Farm

- When switching pickups, the sounds will completely drop out. Issue is more noticeable when using my guitars that have 2 humbuckers. Pickup switch at bridge position will work fine, but when I switch to the neck pickup the sounds, effects, and output is diminished or removed completely. Sometimes switching back to bridge pickup resumes the original sounds, but not always.

- Many of my custom signal chains are starting to not function properly anymore. Output from the dysfunctional signal chains is very fizzy and does not resemble a guitar tone at all.

- If the sound does not completely drop off, I'll notice a thinning of the sounds/tone coming out

Minor issue:

- I get a lot of clicking/popping feedback when using signal chains that feature clean amps with delays and reverbs.

Product history

- Owned Ux1 and Pod Farm 2 for approximately 6 months

- Update Line 6 Monkey, Drivers, Pod Farm, etc. when needed

- Have tried using different sample rates as recommended on other threads

- I plug my speakers (Hercules XPS 2.0) directly into the headphone jack on the front of the device through a 1/8" to 1/4" adapter.

I understand that other users have experienced similar problems with the Ux1. I wasn't able to find anyone else who had the same issue that I have involving the pickup switch. I know the popping sound is an issue that won't be resolved, and for know I can live with it, but all the others problems are interfering with my playing. I depend on the Ux1 and Pod Farm to practice guitar, and these issues are getting progressively worse each time I try to play.

I don't expect a perfectly functioning product considering the lower cost, but I still need a consistent sound if I'm going to be able to practice at all, not just fuzzy muck.

TL;DR: Sound drops out a lot. Software components are updated. Help is appreciated.

Re: Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by hulbert on 2012-05-19 03:20:57.4670


   Not sure about that. Strange about the switch position. All I can think of there is that the neck p/up is often lower than the bridge p/up and so there could be less signal going through, but this still shouldn't affect things.

Interesting also that you say its with humbuckers. Does this mean you've tried single coils and the output seems more?

My guess is that it is linked to the things like usb problems, driver problems etc.

So, you've noticed a change in the tone over time? Was this a sudden change one day or a kind of slow change?

I have another idea but I only mention it just in case. I know its not likely because you've tried different guitars, so its a long shot, but could there be some dirt in the guitar switch that is letting only a thin sound get through?

I have this on one of my guitars. It has got dirt in the switch and I often have to flick it back and forth a lot of times to clear it. A switch cleaning fluid can fix this (if the right one).

Concerning trying different rates etc., did you also try different buffer amounts? Also, have you tried it in a different usb slot on the computer or with other usb devices pulled out?

Maybe someone else can help too,

Also, if you can't maybe try contacting line 6 at  and technical support.

I hope you get it working,

God Bless,


Re: Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by JonnyExplosion on 2012-05-21 10:12:16.3350

Thanks for your response, David.

Those suggestions do not seem to be solving the issues. However, I decided to plug my speakers into the Ux1 device through the back analog output socket. The sound seems to be better than it was before. On top of that, my speakers would be putting out a lot of feedback and fuzz when I previously had them plugged into the headset socket.

The only hurdle I need to overcome now is to get both speakers to produce sound through this analog output. Sound is only coming out of my left speaker. I only have one 1/8" plug and one 1/4" adapter, so only one analog output is occupied at this moment.

Can anyone instruct me as to how to hook up my speakers to the analog output on the rear portion of the UX1 so that both speakers are producing sound?

Much appreciated,


Re: Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by hulbert on 2012-05-22 04:20:01.2780


   Yes, I had a look at the speakers you mentioned and noticed the web site said it has a "line in" but I wasn't sure, as it says about mp3 players which usually I think give headphone type level. Anyway, I couldn't see if the speakers have a socket in them or if it is a cable already connected.

If it has a socket (probably 3.5mm size), then something like this would be ok (cable length might be too much but gives an idea of type of cable:

If it allows two mono inputs, then something like this, although these are big plugs - but you could get small ones:

Or, if it is like I think it might be, and has a cable already, then you could connect the cable into a cable like this:

By the way, is the sound still cutting out or do you think it was because of using the headphone socket?

God Bless,


Re: Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by JonnyExplosion on 2012-05-22 18:34:06.2000

Thanks for your help, David.

I think the sound issue has something largely to do with using the headphone socket to plug my speakers into. I'll monitor the sound further using the rear analog outputs and see if the problem persists.

Re: Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by JonnyExplosion on 2012-05-26 16:59:48.4410


I purchased a new cable today (Hosa 3.5mm (M) to dual 1/4" (M)). I was able to get sound out of both speakers, which was pleasing to have. However, the problem in terms of sound cutting out/fading away randomly and when switching to different pickups is still occuring, as well as the other stated complaints.

At this point, I'm thinking of cutting my loses and browsing for a future replacement for this UX1 device. I'm not expecting much out of this device and it's just not cutting it.

Thanks for the assistance.

Re: Toneport Ux1 (Pod Farm 2), sound dropping out frequently
by jakkiesdraad on 2013-03-25 03:45:11.2670

Hi there,

I also had the clipping sound problem when using reverb with clean tones. I fixed the problem by increasing the audio buffer size. At first I maxed the buffer size out and then I brought it back down little by little listening to when the clipping noise came back and then I reverted to the last size where I had no clipping. I'm using quite a powerful laptop so even with the increased buffer size I have no hearable latency. I don't know if my laptop is the reason for that though.

You can access the buffer settings by going to:

File>Preferences>Hardware>ToneDirect Settings

You will see a slider that changes the buffer size. Play around with it until you're satisfied.

Hope this helps

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