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Line 6 Guitarport Online & Gearbox support policies (not really customer oriented)
by Euripide on 2012-05-19 03:53:04.9390


I'm kind of frustrated with Line 6 customers support policies:

1) If Line 6 is shutting down GuitarPort Online, why they do not provide to all previous monthly or yearly customers a way to use the .l6s files located on their computer? After all some peoples paid to stay connected to a service without any real updates for a long time.... Is there at least an explanation why we won't be able get a key to be able to use these files once the site is close?

2) Why not updating the Gearbox software so all X3 users will be able to select from Gearbox the Variax Ch1 & Ch2 inputs. After all Gearbox was related to the last previous POD products: X3.

It's definetely a bad move (& bad sign) that Line 6 is sending to their customers: You can buy a Tyler Variax or a POD HD today, as soon as a new product will be out we will stop updating the soft & applications. Can you imagine if Microsoft had stopped updating XP as soon as Vista had been to the market? I believe that on a mid to long term horizon, this kind of policies will undermine customers confident & eventually some competitors will come up with comparable products but with a real focus on their customers. Then it might be the beginning of a slow decay for Line 6... I don't think it's a long term vision viable for a company to look like having a sales car guy policy.

Re: Line 6 Guitarport Online & Gearbox support policies (not really customer oriented)
by SchulzeJ on 2012-05-27 11:26:20.6020

Hi Euripide,

I was about to write a very similar entry when I saw yours. And I think the fact that nobody official cared to react on your opinion characterizes the state Line6 is in.

Many of their products - and I do own some -  were designed to be around for the future. The digital approach seemed to promise some security of the investments in instruments and other gear. But each time the next generation came out, the old one was forgotten. Currently I have a brand new Tyler Variax 59 and an X3 pro that does not really know what to do with it.

With the current state of software development (drivers and PC editing software) for yesterday's flagship (X3 pro) and today's guitar (Tyler Variax) I feel like a complete idiot who wasted his money on one of those Chinese products. And I haven't  even started to talk about my xt live and Variax 500...

Does that sound frustrated? Good, because I am.


Re: Line 6 Guitarport Online & Gearbox support policies (not really customer oriented)
by brue58ski on 2012-05-29 19:40:09.6460

I agree with you both.  I 've been a faithful Line 6 guy from the Vetta on.  I have:

Vetta II (Vetta upgraded)

Pocket Pod

Pod XT

Pod XT Live

Bass Pod XT

X3 LIve

Guitarport subscriber

2 Variax 500's

Variax Bass


JT Variax

The point of showing all this is to show I've been supporting Line 6 a long time.

On one hand I have had very good luck with support.  I know others haven't but when I've had mechanical/physical problems, they've been solve promptly and fairly (meaning money). 

But this abandoning of products is really frustrating.  Especially when things are promised or implied.

A couple of examples:

No more support for Vetta II despite some known issues that need fixing.  Heck I'll even pay for it if it requires new hardware.

The Variax bass was going to have Workbench support.  This was according to ads and the initial Operators Manual (I have one)  This was a big reason in my decision to get one.  This did not happen.

And now the hoops I have to jump through to get my JT Variax to work with my X3 Live through Gearbox. I'm having major problems getting it programed the way I want and although I'm not a software programmer, I don't think it would be that much trouble getting Gearbox to work with the JT Variax through the X3 Live at least as it does with the Variax 500.  Just forget the alternate tunings knob and let me select and save JT models to the X3 Live from Gearbox.  Would that really require alot of work to program? 

By the way, I'm guessing once Guitarport is stopped in July I'll bet all Gearbox support will be dumped also.  (did you know Guitarport was being dropped.  I'm a subscriber and I didn't find out via any courtesy communication from Line 6.  They haven't had any new songs in awhile but they still take my money)

So I think I'm done with Line 6.  I am planning on getting the HD 500 (not for at least a year) to go with my JT Variax (which I love) but I'm tired of them completely dropping all support and activity on products that still need a little tweaking, Espeically when they are touted to work with an old product (like The JT with the X3).  I definitely DON'T expect Line 6 to continually update prodcuts they've discontinued like the original Pod.  I do hope, however, that they "finish what they've started" and make sure everything is working properly with itself  everything else it can connect to before moving on.  When the original Pod was dropped it completely worked as it was.  It didn't need anymore fixing which the aforementioned products do.  I use Gearbox ALOT to program my X3 Live and just figured they would get the JT Variax it to work with Gearbox as well.  We're talking about two products communicating and doing the same thing the older models did.  I hope I'm wrong and they are doing something but I doubt it.  But if not, I'm almost done with Line 6.  (Still need the HD 500 to go with my JT Variax)

Re: Line 6 Guitarport Online & Gearbox support policies (not really customer oriented)
by Line6Tony on 2012-06-06 17:40:37.8070

Thanks for your thoughts guys. With this conversation happening in the X3 support forums, it might not get noticed. The better place is our Contact Us page, where you can leave product feedback.

The information above may not be current, and you should direct questions to the current forum or review the manual.