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Guitar Tone Viewer ???
by dishmann on 2012-05-19 05:49:16.3500

I love my Line 6 Spider Jam amp. I do not use any of the recording features (yet...)

I have it about 2 weeks. (My old amp was a Roland Cube) I originally had used the MkII Short board which was great but too big for gig situations unless I have a lot of stage area. (I play at the local club level). So I stepped down to the MkII Express pedal.

The sound/tone selection organization reminds me of my Guitar Synth (Roland GR-33) so I am using the same user preset strategy.

I use the numeric portion of the Guitar Tone registry to group a set of 4 related guitar tones I will use in association with the foot pedal during a performance of a song.

For example 1A-D are for Rock, 2A-D Jazz, 3A-D Funk and so on...

I rarely use more than 4 settings in any song performance I do so, during a gig, I dial up a "Tone Set" (1,2,3..n) before I play a song and use the pedals while performing.

For me that works great.

Did my first gig with the amp last week. Very cool individual User Guitar Tones needed some tweaking to be just right. (I kind of expected that).

So I'm back home in the studio working it out and I hit this roadblock. In order to see the settings of a "tone" I have to make a change to one of the settings.

YUK !!!

I'm making small adjustments to get my User Settings just right. In some cases the next "Tone" is a minor adjustment from the previous "Tone".

(For example Tone 2 is really Tone 1 with more treble for a little more bite).

Seems that if I have to change a setting to "see" all the settings, it defeats the purpose or attempting to compare custom User Settings.

In my case I want to see the settings so I can be sure they are at the same level. (The Channel volume for example). Or to see what has to change to make it right for me.

I read the manual over and I could find nothing about making the display show me the Tone Settings of the current User Guitar Tone other than changing a setting.

I am hoping that someone at Line 6 or another happy Line 6 Spider Jam owner can show me the way.

If not..... this is only a programming change.

Perhaps you guys can think up a way that if a combination of buttons is pressed we can see the settings without having to change anything.

Then you can get it to us in the form of a software upgrade (via the SD Card perhaps).

I would be willing....

What do you say.... is there help for my situation.

Re: Guitar Tone Viewer ???
by daydreamin7677 on 2012-05-20 18:10:32.0740

You pretty much have it right, there is no way to display the settings. This is what I do, draw 5 circles on a piece of paper, each one representing Drive-Bass-Mid-Trebble-Chan Vol. Now I only turn the chan vol to get the settings to come up and write down where each one is. Next I switch to the next tone, say from A to B, then right back to A. This will reset my chan vol setting back to the original and now I can turn any one of the other knobs to get the display and write down my chan vol setting. Now that everything is in black and white I can begin to make my adjustments. Pain in the ass but the only way I know of.

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