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Flextone 3 hardware upgrade
by harristom85 on 2012-05-19 07:34:58.1800

I recently bought a converted flextone 3 head, it's the original flextone 3 without speaker

outs or the xlr's, I fitted a mono 1/4 jack to the left over speaker cable to use as a line out

but when I was doing this I noticed a few things on the main board 1: the main board seems

to have a 10 pin speaker out jack already fitted so where could I buy the cable for this? Also

the main board pcb has the space to fit an xlr onto it, would this be an easy task or for that matter

a worthwhile task?

Thanks for any information given I seem to be having trouble with people not knowing much about this sort of thing

Re: Flextone 3 hardware upgrade
by darealagentp on 2012-06-04 15:56:26.1570

Unfortunately, one of the things that Line 6 Forum boards have never really addressed are user-mods for our gear. For kicks, I did an archive search and I believe this thread is the only one that hints at a Flextone III Mod:

We don't provide technical info to non-authorized service center repair technicians. If I had more info or the ability to even comment on mods, I'd offer it to you but I do not.

Re: Flextone 3 hardware upgrade
by GRIMESPACE on 2012-06-05 06:28:22.2090

Hi Perry - I'm pretty confused by this response, as the past L6 forums were extremely active in addressing user mods - generally for speakers or remounting the chassis in another cabinet - and obviously with the understanding that L6 wasn't condoning any of them. There's still stuff out there...

I'm really curious about the thread you mentioned, as it does not work. Could you please check it?

Re: Flextone 3 hardware upgrade
by GRIMESPACE on 2012-06-05 06:34:41.0380

Hi Harristrom85 - This doesn't sound right to me - the jacks for normal speaker out & XLRs are soldered to the main board, and someone would have to go to pretty extreme lengths to eliminate them. Are your controls front-mounted or left in their original position in the new headshell? Could you post some pics gut shots of the chassis, as well as front/back/etc of the head? I may be able to help and I'd love to see how it was done, as I've done a similar conversion to mine - see this thread:

Re: Flextone 3 hardware upgrade
by harristom85 on 2012-06-12 18:02:46.2440

Hi guys thanks for getting back to me, I don't have any pictures at the minute so i can't show you, the buttons and knobs are in the same place as usual on the top, this was an original model flex 3 so it didn't have the xlrs and mono out as standard, what it is essentially is the combo with no speaker, for some unknown reason I can hook it up to an external cab through the headphone out BUT it's not very loud I'm guessing there's an inhibitor so you don't blow your brains out when playing with headphones, the pcb board has the slots for an xlr and cab out upgrade but that's a lot of hassle and a big risk adapting it, so I figured I could solder a mono output to the remaining speaker cable which doesn't seem to have worked? The unit itself is untouched no other adjustments or mods apart from the speaker cable soldering, I may have soldered the output wrong, it's a 4 tab mono output if anyone has a wiring diagram please let me know

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