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Controlling Sweet Harmony with FBV Controller
by buymymonkey on 2012-05-22 19:33:43.1990

I have a MKII controller with a Spider IV 75.  Please pardon me if this is a silly question.  Specifically, it's this:

I want to switch on Harmony with my foot controller, but leave the other tone settings the same.  So let's say I'm playing Two Tickets to Paradise (Eddie Money). The lead into each verse is a simple guitar intro with harmony ON, and certain distortion, reverb etc. settings.  But once the short verse intro is done, I need to switch off Harmony and play chords, etc.  Sooo.. what I'd like to do just punch one of the buttons on the Board to run Harmony on and off.  Now I realize I can just use two presents with the exact same settings, with one having Harmony turned on and the other off, but that seems a waste of a preset.


Re: Controlling Sweet Harmony with FBV Controller
by fflbrgst on 2012-05-23 05:40:34.2000

If you have an FBV MkII Express, the only option is to set two presets as you suggested.  The 4 switches only control the 4 channel presets.

If you have an FBV MkII Shortboard, someone else will have to tell you if it can be done or not.

Re: Controlling Sweet Harmony with FBV Controller
by darealagentp on 2012-05-23 17:59:34.9760

The Smart Harmony falls into the FX1 or "Stomp" (Gain/Filter) effect model category. If you have a Shortboard MKII controller, your "Stomp" switch will bypass whichever effect of that family is assigned for that particular patch you're on.

So, if you're on say patch 2B which has a Smart Harmony chosen for the Gain/FX1 effect, that switch will toggle ON/OFF the effect processing.

If you're hoping to access another gain type effect model, it's impossible to do in the same program number because only one effect type of it's group can be chosen and saved. For this, you'd have to switch between two different sound programs (one with Smart Harmony), the other with say, a Distortion/OD/Fuzz effect for FX1.

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