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HD500 FRFR (Somewhat) Cabinets
by rad3d on 2012-05-25 12:25:30.1900

Wanted to build some reasonable priced cabinets for the HD, but wanted them to be as close to FRFR as I can get, though I still want them to look like guitar cabinets.  Was looking into getting 2 Siesmic 1x12 cabs (for ease of transport and separation) and inserting Eminence Beta 12CX speakers with the ASD1001 Horn Drivers. I already have several options for clean power.  I don't want to use anything that looks like a PA speaker.  Each cabinet would run me around $2-250.

Just wondering what everyone's thoughts would be on this type of setup.  Any other options I should look into in a similar price range?

I'm actually used to running my HD into an old 4x12 Marshall cabinet with V30s and can tolerate it for stage use, but I'd prefer something more full range. Doesn't have to be perfect, though.

Re: HD500 FRFR (Somewhat) Cabinets
by rad3d on 2012-11-01 09:43:44.0190

Just an FYI.  This configuration works pretty darn well for anyone interested in a near-FRFR setup that still looks like a guitar rig.

Have been running this rig for a couple of months now, and the speaker/cab combination works great.  Got the speakers/horn drivers for around $100 each, and the cabs for around $150 each.  I did have to purchase some crossovers (Eminence PXB2:3K5) for another $35/ea, but all works wonderfully using the HD's cab emulation.

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