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What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by lowyaw on 2012-05-29 07:07:18.1130

I played several gigs with a FRFR setup - namely, HD500 left XLR into powered Biema monitor, right XLR - house mixing board > FOH

it still kinda depends on the venue, but somehow it was easier to get along with, then a regular tube amp - for cover band gigging, when you need "swiss army knife" kind of setup. it also surprised me taht even heavier tones - we did some Nickelback, and Rasmus, and Green Day - were convincing. So, i'll use it as an excuse to stop hauling my Mesa halfstack or renting smaller amps. What I obviously have to do, is to invest in a FRFR monitor.

What are my options? I am considering either HK Audio Pro112MA, or Mackie SRM450

anything else worth looking at? treble control is welcome

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by Karl_Houseknecht on 2012-05-29 07:09:55.3130

Avoid the SRM450V2 like the plague.  They are not the same monitors they used to be.

I picked up a QSC K12 recently.  FANTASTIC.  I'd swear it was a 15" in there for the low end I'm getting, and yet it is very faithful to what's coming from the FOH.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by lowyaw on 2012-05-29 09:55:45.4220

oh, thanks, Karl. those do look cool. $850 will probably translate to 800 eur over here ;( and i want to stay in my miserable 500 eur price range (~$600-650)

p.s. oh yes, thomann just confirmed it's 850 eur arrrgh

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by daveschutt on 2012-05-29 12:20:36.6340

I was in the same boat a while back.  I was playing mostly direct to PA and I found a few things that helped get consistent tones.  1. I purchased a $12 XLR Y-cable and that seemed to bring the fullnes back to some of the patches and I didn't have to worry about how they were panned going out of one XLR to the board. 2.  I bought an EV exp112 powered speaker.  It was at the right price point for me about $500 and had  few feature I really liked.  That was I could have 2 inputs and blend them right on the speaker so if I want to just goof around I can hook up a mic and plug in my guitar rig or acoustic I could use it as a basic PA.  I can also blend a band mix with my rig if I want and tweak my monitor mix there on the unit.  It sounds very good, has 1000 watts of power and has gotten very good reviews.  I'm looking in the near future to get a second and a powered sub so I can have a fully functional PA based on that series of speakers. Highly recommended!

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by jasonbogen on 2012-05-29 13:07:00.1020

I have the EV ELX112P as well for my PA, but have tried it as a monitor for my HD500 and highly recommend it.  Check for "B" stock at $479.

When I was running FRFR before I got my DT25, I used a Roland KC-550 and loved it.  I would definitely suggest trying that out as well if you want an amp behind you.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by Rewolf48 on 2012-05-30 04:48:33.0410

I have a pair of FBT MaxX 2a that I got as a second hand bargain on ebay. They work great with the HD500 especially as monitors and the JTV Acoustic sounds through them are really impressive.  I spent ages looking at what is out there trying to work out what price point I could go to, so when I saw them on Ebay at well under normal selling price I didn't hesitate and I don't regret it one bit.

There is a fairly interesting powered speaker shootout here

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by lowyaw on 2012-05-30 11:04:56.5750

how would you, Gentlemen, comment on those:

both are about $650

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by Rewolf48 on 2012-05-31 05:31:34.6350

I haven't tried them - I do have a published review of 10" speakers that incldues the ART 10a, JBL, Mackie and my FBTs.

As it is hosted by FBT you can probably guess the result.

Personally I don't think that you need a 12" for guitar - the extra low end just doesn't (or shouldn't) be present in a guitar signal in a live environment unless you like fighting with the bass player.

Whatever decision you do make (and it took me ages) I would suggest that you make sure that whatever you do get has some sort of tone control - as the HD doesn't have a global EQ you need to tune the sound to the room by either a) changing each patch seperately or b) changing after the HD.  A powered speaker without an eq doesn't allow you to do this without an extra bit of hardware.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by Leftzilla on 2012-05-31 08:27:51.9730

I personally use a Behringer 45 watt Kybd amp as my monitor onstage.  In one of my bands I send the quarter inch right directly to the board and left feed to the amp.  In the Prog band where we run stereo I send the both headphone out to the Behringer and then the quarter inch outputs to the mixing board panned appropriately.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by lowyaw on 2012-05-31 09:03:57.6840

oh yes. this is very true, about the tone control - as i mentioned in my original post, i would love to have some kind of onboard treble control, because sometimes the top end that i hear from the twitter is too much. it may be just right for a band mix - don't quote me on that LOL - but for me, as a guitar player, striving to achieve those warm toob tones hahahaha it's kinda too good

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by artist1354 on 2012-06-01 08:55:28.4510

QSC K-10.  Fantastic tone and plenty of volume.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by berkleegrad on 2012-06-02 05:15:50.8760

+1 for EV LiveX ELX112P!

While it doesn't have an on board EQ, it does have a flat/mid cut EQ switch.

PLUS, the output link can be used to pass signal to the FOH. This is handy, if you are connecting out of left 1/4 inch MONO on the HD and wish to pass that mono signal also to the board.

Tweaking/creating your patches around 85dB will help you avoid much of the Fletcher Munson loudness issues and may allow you to dial out the 'too much' tweeter top end. If it sounds good in your FRFR then most likely it will sound good in the mix... Or at least you have given the sound tech something decent to work with ;)

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by spikey on 2012-06-02 13:31:30.2370

I dont own it, but i have heard good things from the QSC K- 10" and 12" series on the Fractal forums as well.....

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by mdmayfield on 2012-06-03 11:29:51.7590

I own a K8 and like it very, very much. In the pop/rock bands I've played in, I've been totally satisfied with it, even when using it as my only amplification when I haven't been able to plug into the PA. It might not be quite enough for a crazy loud metal band, or maybe it might be... I've never run into its limits, so I don't know what its limits are.

If you use it as your only amplification, I suggest putting it on a speaker stand close to ear level.

Unless you use crazy low drop tunings, the K8 also has more than enough bass for a guitar in a band context. If you use a 12 or 15-inch speaker and crank the bass, it could step on the bass player's territory & make the overall band sound muddy.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by sinistralx on 2012-06-07 15:13:07.5770

I picked up an Atomic Reactor FR cab - 50watt tube power amp. Has XLR thru and a seperate tweeter attenuater. have found it to be a perfect setup. i can now swap out between electric and acoustic. Extremely punchy. Works a treat

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by karabovc on 2012-09-07 02:25:42.7620

Hi guys. I've read all the coments, but i have a little bit different problem. I want to connect my pod HD 500 XLR outputs stereo to a PA and simultaneously to use the unbalansed outs to put in something for stereo monitoring on the stage. Is this possible, and how to do this?


Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by DarthHollis on 2012-09-07 03:44:22.3350

Most monitors have an "XLR thru" or out.  You can run your XLR out of the POD and then into your personal monitors then "thru" to the PA. 

You can also use 1/4" to XLR cables and use the unbalanced out to go to some personal monitors.  Roland cubes might work, the Tech 21 Power Engines and other amps are highly regarded and those all except 1/4" in.

Re: What's your FRFR rig? HD500
by karabovc on 2012-09-10 04:57:21.0070

Thanks I'll try it.

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