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Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by Nirvan93 on 2012-05-29 14:08:26.5140


I saw many movies on youtube with pod farm and other amp simulators, and tone of other people is avesome but mine is terrible.

I don't know what is wrong, maybe guitar/cable or pod?

There are some samples:">">">">">">">">">">

I used presets from pod farm as names of files.

It will be good if anyone send they sample with preset from pod farm and give tab and I will record the same for comparison.

I have POD about half-year and I am not satisfacted I want to record guitar in good quality but i can't do it with my pod.

Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by hulbert on 2012-05-29 20:23:00.8360


   I have just tested those presets myself, and they aren't what I personally would like. I don't really like the sound I get from them either. I use my own settings when I use pod farm.

One thing I wondered. Are you using old strings? Also, seems like your drop d tuning? is that right?, so some bits might sound a bit diff. I don't have mine on drop d, so couldn't get down that low to test, but anyway, it depends on what type of sound each person wants. Sometimes I want some big distortion - others clean - sometimes just a nice smooth overdrive etc.

Are you using the neck pickup mainly? Maybe you could try tweaking the 4 band eq. I find that the eq is needed on pod farm for sounds I want.

Here is one that I'm not totally in love with yet, but it was just one of my own that I tweaked the other day for using with a certain pickup. Also, it depends on what you are hearing it out of. I am using stereo's speakers. This setting sounds maybe a bit high pitch in tone, but on others' speakers it might not.

Here are my settings for this one I am just using just now:

Global gate off

-58 noise gate thresh.

4% decay on noise gate

comp. -20 thresh and gain 0

screamer 27 100 50

Solo 100 head 14 53 48 60 74 100   (less high with 58 48 44)

4 by 12 brit celest t-75s with room at 100 and 421 dynamic mic

4 band eq at A -4.7 50hz

B 9.5 100hz

C -3.8 550hz

D -5.6 9.0khz

cavernous reverb all at 50 - if you want reverb

It seems to be 'light' enough to be useable with single coil pickups and humbuckers.

I haven't got on mediafire or anything to upload audio except youtube, so haven't put an audio file up.

God Bless,


Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by Nirvan93 on 2012-05-30 00:01:37.0110

Thanks for reply.

My strings have about 2 months, are new.

Yes I play on drop D tuning, for my distoration for power hords is not bad but i have troubles with lead guitar on one string because this tone is like a trumpet. To thease records i used switcher of pickups in center.

This is my old record:">">

lead in 0:15, in original it sounds:">"> (with reversed stereo)">"> (without reverse)

Or in this movie">"> he connect his guitar with mic input in computer and his tone is much better, for comparison his ton in 4:22 my in this to 0:10">"> his in 5:56 my after 0:12.

But I said, power hords are not too bad for me, I was watching online lessons and i know that much depends of mastering, but I can't get good lead tone :|.



Now i sav when I firmly pressed against the entrance of the cable to the guitar the strings are brighter and louder, maybe big problem is in cable? I bought it with pod and this isn't too old. I woll record soon with your preset but i think you bought packs because I don't have eq and head solo in my pod farm.

Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by hulbert on 2012-05-30 04:37:39.0840

Hi again,

  Are you using single coil pickups or humbuckers? Really big distortion can make single coils sound fuzzy a bit.

The version I am using is pod farm 2.50 with no packs.

I think you will probably find a sound you like if you try the different amps and distortions and try tweaking them a bit. I just had a little test with the 2nd last preset you had and I found that with a recording of power chords I had, it made it a bit clearer  when I changed the amp to Line 6 Spinal Puppet and turned the volume up a bit to make it the same volume, but this recording was done with a humbucker. It may sound a bit muddy if I used it on a single coil pickup. I usually use my humbucker for a lot of distortion and then often switch to single coil for clean or not as much distortion/overdrive.

If I use a lot of distortion with a single coil, I usually turn the  gain down a bit so that it isn't that fuzzy sound.

I normally use the solo 100 head but I used to use the Line 6 chemical X a bit.

Hope you get the sound you are after,

God Bless,


Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by Nirvan93 on 2012-05-30 06:07:32.9630

Thanks, but i don't know what is pickup coil and humbucker then I think I don't using this. I have two jackson pickups and nothing more. (not my photo but guitar isidentical)

I get nice tone of power hords but still bad with lead.

There is sample recorded with your preset but without solo head and eq.">">

But what you will say about lead tone in my cover compare with original from previous message?

Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by hulbert on 2012-05-30 18:28:41.8000


I hadn't listened to the recordings yesterday. I have listened to them now and you could try a few differernt things.

Try different pick thicknesses. Try a thin one and a thick one and see which gives you a sound you like.

Try using the first pickup (the one nearer to your right hand end.)

Which version of Pod Farm do you have? If you bought your gx after october 2009, you should be able to download pod farm 2.50 for free I think, unless I am wrong. On the gx page it says that you can.

About pickups:

I think they are humbuckers in your guitar. Jacksons are I think usually made to give good distortion, so that is good

Here is a video that lets you hear single coil pickups and humbucker pickups.

this one talks about pickups around 1min50:

God bless,


Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by Nirvan93 on 2012-05-31 02:39:09.4110

Thanks a lot now i know that more dampened sound is from my humbackers. Yea I said that power hords with good set sounds good for me, I will send one sample.

I tried to switch pickups but I didn't find good tone for lead I must buy second guitar with single coils for solo tone?

I have POD Farm 2.51 .

Sample with distoration I like:">">  (zippyshare online player adds sometimes bad reverb)

Power add to left and right channel and will be great but lead tone still is crap :|.

Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by hulbert on 2012-05-31 14:11:02.5570


    I listened to your last sample with headphones, and yes, your powerchords sound great!

Humbucker pickups are great for lead too.

You don't need to buy another guitar (unless you want to get one)

Humbuckers will give a strong, powerful lead sound. Single coils cannot do this very well you are using lots of distortion. Single coil pickups are good, but single coils don't really sound good with "high gain" - I mean like if you use a lot of distortion/ gain, the single coil guitar will sound a bit fuzzy and not very clear.

If I use a lot of gain/distortion, I always use humbuckers. I think some single coils can handle the high gain, but most are made for less distortion.

If you play things with less distortion, then humbuckers or single coils are good.

They both have their different sound - both are good.

If you want lots of distortion though, I would use humbuckers - for lead and chords.

Basically, if I play 'clean' or soft, gentle stuff, I might use my guitar's single coil sound ( but sometimes I prefer the humbucker sound for this too), but if I want to play big distorted stuff, I use the humbucker. I use the humbucker for lead and chords.

What amps and that have you got in 2.51? I think it should have the 4 band eq or some eq.

God bless,


Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by Nirvan93 on 2012-05-31 14:45:22.1240

Thanks, yes now i know good knowledge.

I have some known about EQ and today I recorded small test song with my quality:">"> (named "Bez Nazwy 1") And you can hear my lead, this is not satisfactional tone for me :| I don't know how to get better

Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by hulbert on 2012-05-31 15:17:20.4510

Hey, well done! Sounds good!

Its not my style of music, but you've done really well!!

I think the lead tone fits in that mix really well.

What distortion pedal in pod farm do you use, or do you just use a pod farm amp?

I usually use the screamer, but the spinal puppet amp is good with drive on full with no distortion pedal, or at 50 if you put a screamer in front of it.

Another thing I have found. If you use a screamer etc., I put the input of the screamer down lower, and turn the gain of the screamer up. I find that if I have the input and gain both up, I get a kind of fizzy sound.

Also, maybe try the Line 6 - 4 X 12 treadplate cabinet or 4X12 Line 6 cabinet.

God bless,


Re: Bad quality with POD Studio GX
by Nirvan93 on 2012-05-31 15:47:52.5330

Just for that i used amplitube 3 free distoration + some wah, for cab I used poulin LeCab 2 with guitar hack impulses and god cab impulses, this is great free cab simulations better of build in amp simulators cabs

Thanks, I will try.

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