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I'm Having issues recording with my Pod ux2
by Tonyswig on 2012-05-29 15:21:43.7170

I'm not sure if im asking the right people for this but I am recording my guitars into the pod then to pod farm and Mixcraft 5. I started recording my guitars and noticed that it was very quiet when being compared to anything else on youtube. So i decided just to wait and see how the final product came out, I only ended up with 3 tracks in all, Bass, rhythm and lead. But when i finished recording them all it said that its clipping. How could it be too loud? When i recorded before with a microphone 8 tracks i never had clipping and it wasnt too quiet. I dont understand what could be happening, Heres what my first recording was like when i didnt have the UX2 and i had no problems with clipping or it being too quiet.


Please help me, thank you for your time, have a nice day

Re: I'm Having issues recording with my Pod ux2
by Triryche on 2012-05-30 06:12:41.9320

First make sure you have everything hook-up correctly.">">">">

Are you record dry then adding the plug-in?

Check each track for clipping, if they all sound ok then you likely need to bring the master down a bit.

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