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Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by killmodell on 2012-05-29 16:40:55.4530

Now, not so much.

I received this amp last week for Father's Day. Played it a little through the week but not much. Loved the tones.

Immediately purchased the FBV Express and started messing with the presets a little.

I have discovered that every preset you load always comes with its own volume envelope and I am having a hell of a time switching between rythym and lead with any kind of move that looks halfway smooth... I have enough trouble worrying about the multitude of other things I'm responsible for on a tune without having that headache.

Now, I am writing this after trying to tweak some downloads just so I can practice with this monster tomorrow night and the switch dies. Nothing. It will download the presets when you load up SpiderValve Edit but nothing else. No lights. Just a click when i plug in the USB.

All's I can say is I went from loving this amplifier to being pretty damn happy this didn't die on me during a gig.

I got this from Guitar Center and apparently I get 30 days to drive this amp.

If I could afford two amps, this would be one of them. But I can't. So unless I am doing something terribly wrong, I wouldn't dare gig with this thing right now...

Does anyone else have problems with the volumes between presets? Is there a RESET switch on this Express pedal?



Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by killmodell on 2012-05-31 05:50:07.2320

As an addendum to this... I ALMOST brought this back but just couldn't part with the tones...

I am so glad I didn't. The band was blown away last night at practice (As was I) at the addition this amplifier has brought to the dynamics !!!

I determined a lot of my frustrations were due to a flaky FBV Express Board. So with that replaced (with 20 dollar extended warranty for 'peace of mind' ...) I am able to seemlessly mess with the presets to line up the tones. And when I say tones, I mean the volume going from mellow to eardrum shattering at lightspeed...

I am still having teething problems getting my presets to line up 'volume wise' but the tube squeals I heard last night on my leads are going to make this well worth the learning curve.

This thing is LOUD... holy moly, you could play a stadium with this thing...

Truly, the most gorgeous tone / effects I have ever heard. Kudos to your mad scientists !!!

Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by TheRealZap on 2012-05-31 06:18:06.9010

if you were connected to spider edit, it won't control the amp...

it can't use USB and control the amp at the same time only one or the other.

also keep in mind that the FBV is just a dumb controller... it doesn't do anything more than control the amps capabilities.

you can also adjust the volume and resave the tones as well to level them a bit...

you'll want to adjust the channel volume and then save...

after you do that the master volume will raise and lower all tones at once... to fit the situation/venue etc.

for the most part you really won't mess with the master much... the channel volume should be most of what you use to level tones.

Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by SSstormtrooper on 2012-05-31 18:41:53.8820

Glad to see you got it fingered out and are digging the new squealies and such lol. These amps are finicky but when dialed in do sound very very good. Cheers!

Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by killmodell on 2012-06-03 05:38:34.8720


The gig was unreal. 55 degrees in a covered patio... The one moment of panic came when I somehow triggered the LOOP command... (I was constantly stomping on the Express pedal to retune...) and the band is looking at me like I have no reason to live as noone can figure where this weird audio artifact is coming from .  A reset (see panic) switch would be nice...   The 'ol power down works every time though... It's funny now... I think... gonna have to read that damn manual...

It does seem that the amp / laptop / and (new) FBV Express lets me mess with the selected tone from SpiderEdit through the laptop and I am slowly getting them dialed in. I now have 4 banks of some of the tastiest tones set up and I can't wait for the next gig.

After that episode I pretty much just played with a couple of tones the rest of the night. But those tones blew everybody away... I am listening to the tracks and there is literally a 'wall of sound' being projected that wasn't there before. EVERYBODY commented. I am estatic. I LOVE THIS AMP. My leads are already better (God Bless the Echo ) and it just looks cool on stage. I like the blue lights

Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by killmodell on 2013-01-01 18:13:18.4530

All right. After gigging with this amp for over 6 months I LOVE it. It is a LOT OF AMP for the money, easy to use once you get over the touchy (and LOUD volume control) My only issue is that some of my gigs are kind of confined and believe it or not, 112 is too much amp for some small rooms.

I don't look at this as a beautique amp so much as a powerhouse. The difference this has made to the band is quite noticeable. As far as I am concerned Line 6 has a fan for life. Good Stuff.

So the small rooms I just throw out the Peavey 30 Classic but for everything else, Long Live the Spider Valve !

The only thing I would add to this beauty is an attenuator switch for small rooms.

AWESOME ENGINEERING and a BLAST to play through, thanks.



Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by TheRealZap on 2013-01-02 11:46:30.8230

nice! you could add an attenuator if it's worth it to you... they tend to be too pricey for my tastes... at least the ones that are considered good like the airbrake.

Re: Just got a Spider Valve MKII 112 -- First I loved it...
by nuser101 on 2013-01-03 14:35:36.7370

Get one of these and put it in the FX loop.">">  I have a Fender HRD, which is notorious for having two volume settings: ZERO, MELT YOUR FACE. This makes it manageable at a cost of $20. It is not an attenuator, just a pot to control the level fed from the preamp to the amp, which is why you put it in the FX loop.

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